Saturday, January 8, 2011

Smoke Rise Snow, Now & Then

It sure looks like deep winter in Smoke Rise lately with all the snow around. Don't you think? Yesterday's snow storm wasn't too bad - luckily - although Emma and I witnessed the police escorting a car on a flatbed as we walked to the bus stop at 8:31am.  It must have happened a little after 8am or so. From the tire tracks we noticed in the snow, the car looked to have slid down Fox Ledge, which is very steep and was very slick...

She and I missed the 12/27/10 blizzard by a few hours. We were headed to DC to visit my parents and made it out Sunday morning.  Ted experienced it firsthand, but successfully shoveled the driveway snow in time to pick us up at Meadtown the following day.

News of our intense Smoke Rise blizzard traveled far - all the way to Texas - inspiring Herb Fisher to send these photos of a Smoke Rise snowstorm he remembers from March 1960.

Herb Fisher Jr., Smoke Rise Snow, March 1960

Thanks, Herb! It sure looks like you were having a blast in the snow back then.

For those of you closer by in Smoke Rise and Kinnelon, how 'bout now? How are you enjoying the snow? Have you built snowmen? Gone snowshoeing? Created amazing sled runs? Gone skating? Held snowball fights?

Send me pictures of your snow adventures and I'll share them here.

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