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Kinnelon's CLL End-of-Semester Lunch 2010

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Ron Leavesley extended to me an incredible invitation to attend the Kinnelon CLL [Center for Lifelong Learning - see Kinnelon's Center for Lifelong Learning - CLL and Friends of the Kinnelon Library] end of semester luncheon taking place on November 17, 2010 in the Kinnelon Firehouse on Kiel Avenue.

Talk about an honor!  I found myself in the same room with the dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who make Kinnelon's CLL program successful - an impressive group, captured in the panoramic shot above [photo courtesy of Jack Davies, via Ron Leavesley].

Kinnelon's CLL - Highlights

Ron shared highlights about the CLL program during this end-of-semester lunch which celebrates the program's 33rd semester, after 17 years:

  • Since 1993, 9000 students have experienced 'adventures in learning'. 
  • 50% are non Kinnelon residents.
  • Feedback from program evaluations allow the program to evolve and better serve the needs of those participating.
  • Each semester includes a mix of basic courses that are repeated and completely new classes to keep the program fresh.
  • The CLL started contributing to the Kinnelon Library in 2005. Since then, it has contributed ~$48K.
According to Ron, CLL's success is a function of the dedication of those involved, stable boards, consistent rules, focused strategy, and - most importantly - exceptional people who achieve exceptional things and create exceptional programs! Some of those exceptional people include: Bob Frank, Charlie Lawyer, Ken Stride, Evelyn Duvall, Jackie Hempstead, Lois Wolfer and George Cox.

[Definitely check out Look What CLL Has Done for So Many!]

Kinnelon's CLL - 2010 Highlights

During 2010, CLL included two courses that extended over two semesters - George Cox's Supreme Court Program (45 students) and Ken Stride's Music Appreciation/American Song Book Program (83 participants) - which both had record attendance! Tell Me Something I Don't Know attracted 104 students.  
  • Approximately 700 students took part in the 2010 programs. 
  • 65 instructors (vs. 50 in past years) taught.
  • 29 other communities participated with students coming from Bloomingdales, Butler, Pompton Lakes & Plains, Wayne, Wanaque and beyond.

Kinnelon's CLL - 2011 Spring Semester Program

CLL's next semester starts February 21st and lasts through April 29th [i.e., 10 weeks]. The course brochure will be available at the end of January.  15 classes will be offered including:
  • Classic films/Hitchock
  • Great American Song Book will take place twice a week with 35 students per class
  • Tom McCluskey re: Islam
  • Art Adventures with Bob and Laurie Frank
  • Humor with Michael Studnick
Something tells me the 2011 CLL Spring Semester Program will be the best one yet!

Be on the lookout for Spring Semester CLL course brochure and seriously consider taking part in a program unlike any other offered in Northern New Jersey!

Thanks for including me, Ron, and thanks to all those I met who made me feel so welcome!

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