Friday, September 28, 2012

K-Fest 2012: October 7, Lake Rickabear

K-Fest 2012: October 7, Lake Rickabear
If you attended K-Fest last year, you'll remember what a fun celebration it was and you'll desperately want to do it all over again!

Good News! You can on October 7, 2012 when K-Fest Returns!

Here are details...

K-Fest takes place at Lake Rickabear, located at 414 Kinnelon Road, from 1:00 to 6:00 pm.

Shuttles will be available from the Kinnelon High School parking lot since parking at Rickabear is limited.

K-Fest will include...

*Live Music * Artist’s Colony * “Main Street” * Food Court *
Kidz Zone * Rides * Beach Games * Magician * Hay Rides * Bingo*

You can donate to:

*Kinnelon Food Pantry * Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter * Friends of Chas

I'm sure that volunteer opportunities are still available.

Find more information by visiting

This is a marvelous free community event sponsored by KAMELOT and the Borough of Kinnelon [last year, Kinnelon Borough Council members grilled some of the best hot dogs and hamburgers ever!]

Happy K-Fest everyone! Join in on the fun!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smoke Rise History in Photos: 9/22/12 at the Inn

St. Hubert's Chapel clock tower
For those of you who love Kinnelon history, you might want to attend the upcoming History of Smoke Rise presentation taking place at the Smoke Rise Inn on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 5pm.

The Saint Hubert's Chapel Conservation Committee has organized the photographic presentation of the history of Smoke Rise, which hasn't taken place in a while. 5 years to be exact!

The event benefits St. Hubert's Chapel.

Here's how to participate:

Contact JoAnn Brett at 973-838-8228 or email her at

Tickets are $25.00 per person [children under 18 are free].

Make checks payable to "Kinnelon Heritage Conservation Society Inc."

By the way, I just heard from William Child who will attend and be available to sign maps - should you decide to purchase one!

If you are planning on coming, consider having dinner and/or drinks at the Smoke Rise Inn.  Here is a link to the dinner menu. The food is outstanding!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking Care of Your Computer for Free -- Hands on Windows Printing for Photos, Text, and Applications -- Talk at the Kinnelon Library Thur Sept 20 at 7PM

This Poor Woman Doesn't Understand Windows Printing!!

This One Does!
Yes, I Can Reuse the Same Photos and Give Them New Captions!

Anyway, I will be giving a talk at the Kinnelon Public Library, this Thursday, Sept 20 at 7 PM, which is the 7th of 10 such talks this year, a month apart, on the subject of taking care of your Windows PC, new or old, with special attention in Part 6 to:

How to Print Anything Cheaply in Win 7 or Vista or XP -- Desktop or Laptop, including:

1) How to Print and Organize Photos (Mostly for Free) -- Print everything from Wallet sized Snapshots, to Posters, and everything in between. The best Photo Printers and How to Save on Ink! Which is the most expensive part of photo printing!

2) How to Make Your Applications Understand Your Printer -- Make sure Windows and Your Printer are on the Same Page. Literally!.

3) Where and How to Buy Printers, Ink, and Supplies -- No, it's not at Staples.

4) What Printers to Buy and Where to Buy Them -- The Cheapest and Best Printers for Photos or General Printing.

5) How to Handle Internet Printing and Making the Fonts and Pages Sizes Print Right -- Like it Says.

And, As Always we will have our Open Mike period at the end of the talk and demo, so you can find out why your computer isn't doing what you want:

Ask Your Questions about Your Computer and Computer Related Problems, such as:

1) Is my machine too old? When do I need a new machine?

2) How can I "pin" that program to my Taskbar, and what is a "Gadget?"

3) Why does my computer ... ?

4) If you have a laptop with a problem, bring it along and we'll take a quick look.

5) Questions and on-the-spot diagnosis will be limited by the time available!!!

All of you Kinnelon and North Jersey people, and everybody else, are welcome to come.

Call the Kinnelon Library at 973 838 1321 and reserve a spot.

See you there!


PS: This talk pertains to PCs running Windows 7, Vista and XP

Photo Credits: And I do not make this stuff up!!! and various sites for the unahppy woman.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Gasland at the Kinnelon Library 9/27/12

Gasland at the Kinnelon Library
Mark your calendar for 9/27/12 at 7 pm when the Kinnelon Library will present a special documentary screening of “Gasland” (2010, 107 minutes).

This movie presentation is co-sponsored by Kinnelon Conserves, the Franciscan Response to Fracking and Food & Water Watch.

Here are details:

Thursday, September 27, from 7 to 9:30 p.m, view the movie then participate in Q&A.

Josh Fox’s study of hydraulic fracturing (often called “fracking”) to obtain natural gas from shale leads him from his Pennsylvania home across the country, to Colorado, Texas, and other states, and to the Nation’s capital. He documents a dizzying number of cases of serious harm caused by this practice.

There is more to the discussion of America’s energy future than the one-sided ads from the natural gas industry. Come and learn more.

Anne Mandanayake from the Kinnelon Library shares the following additional information about Gasland the movie:

Faced with a lucrative offer to have drilling for natural gas take place on his parents’ Pennsylvania land, Josh Fox, in his award-winning documentary, travels to 34 states and talks to dozens of property owners and environmental experts on the under reported menace of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and the truth about the dangers of fracked gas.

Seating is limited, so please be sure to call the Library to sign up: 973-838-1321.

Here is the Gasland movie trailer: [view Gasland trailer on YouTube]

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ramstein Beer and SR Fresh Hot Sauce Open House Sat. Sept 8, 2012 at 2 PM & 3:45 PM

The One and Only!

Here is a reminder for this weekend’s Ramstein Beer Open House and Tour, Saturday, Sept 8.

There will be 2 tour and tasting sessions -- 2 PM and 3:45 PM.

Beers on tap - Oktoberfest Lager, Double Platinum Blonde,  and Unfiltered Golden Lager.

2 liter growlers will be in stock, as will the very rare 1 liter wide-mouth growlers.

There will be heavy attendance, since this is the most anticipated release of the year for a seasonal beer, and Ramstein Oktoberfest has received the highest rating for an Oktoberfest beer for 2 years running from Beer Advocate. Consider the 2nd session at 3:45 on Saturday for a slightly less crowded tour.

And SR Fresh Hot Sauce will be there with the Fresh Cayenne-Cherry PepperHabanero Gold, and XXXXTra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce. We will also have our new Caribbean Hot Sauce, and brand new Thai Style Habanero SrirachaCayenne Sriracha, and Jalapeno Poblano (our first green pepper saucealong with our Spicy Aioli in 16 oz jars -- that's Hot and Spicy Mayo for those of you scratching your heads. Come try them! And buy them!

You Hot Sauce people can check out the SR Fresh Hot Sauce Website, where the sauces are explained and sold. Check out the Fresh Hot Sauce Blog as well.

As usual, there will be a tour and explanation of the brewing process by Greg Zaccardi, the owner. [See previous post about Ramstein Beer with videos for a primer.]

See you there!

Ted and Christine and Emma

Monday, September 3, 2012

September 8, 2012: Kinnelon's 36th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival!

Happy Kinnelon Labor Day! I hope you are all enjoying this last blast of summer... I hope you also have penciled into your calendar a big event happening next weekend in Kinnelon:

Kinnelon's 36th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival

This is a yearly event which takes place at the Kinnelon High School parking lot.

The 36th Arts and Crafts Festival is happening on September 8th from 10-4 rain or shine!

You'll find Artisans and Crafters from near and far exhibiting their paintings, hand-thrown pottery, gemstones, jewelry and sculptures.

You will see gift items, crafts for the holidays and art work to decorate your home.

Handmade soaps and candles, dried and silk flower arrangements are all beautifully displayed for your browsing and buying pleasure.

The Friends of the Kinnelon Library urge you to bring your family, friends, and your appetites too!

The Friends of the Library will run the food concession and offer a variety of munchies hot off the grill.

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day and see you on Saturday!

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