Friday, January 14, 2011

Smoke Rise Houses Then & Now: 628 Mountain Road

The day I went by the Smoke Rise Tower to document its current state of... restoration [see The Smoke Rise Tower Restoration], I also took a picture of 628 Mountain Road, the house Herb Fisher grew up in.

I emailed it to him and he sent me back a few more pictures from those early days of Smoke Rise and Kinnelon.

I share them with you here as well as a few notes that Herb sent me.

Here you see the house very early on.

Smoke Rise Houses Then: 628 Mountain Road

This next picture has Herb's Mom with his first dog, named Happy. [Note: my first dog was named Zippy.]

As Herb states, from 1955 through 1995 there weren't too many changes other than vegetation.

Lushness at 628 Mountain Road, Smoke Rise

He does wonder, though, what the later owners might have done with the basement which Herb remembers as being "huge besides the large tub type sinks for hand washing clothing (yes, there was also a washer and dryer there), it had a bathroom with potty, sink and shower.  Easily put two or three large rooms down there."

Isn't it fascinating to see how houses evolve and keep the magic of 'home' going?

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