Friday, January 7, 2011

Kinnelon, Rhode Island & Smoke Rise

Francis Kinney's Narragansett Lodge

This is my New Year's present, courtesy of Patty Kabis Hopkinson: a magnificent postcard of Francis Kinney's Narragansett, Rhode Island Lodge and details about Smoke Rise and Kinnelon.


Christine....  Here is a photo of a postcard I bought recently.  It's a picture of the so called "lodge" that Kinney built when he summered in Narragansett RI.  I now live in Barrington, Rhode Island and thought you'd find it interesting.

I grew up in the split level at 239 North Road [in Smoke Rise], which was built in the early 50s and designed by my uncle, Leo Kabis.  It was one of the first lots bought from John Talbot.  My parents, Charlie and Muriel Kabis, saw his estate in the late 40s when they inadvertently picnicked on the property and found that lots were for sale. I moved out when I left for college in 1962, then married in 1967 (my reception was at the Smoke Rise Inn) and went to Washington DC.

I have a many photos of the old days in Smoke Rise which are buried in the boxes of family memorabilia in my closets. My memories and those of my 6 brothers and sisters (one of the smaller Catholic families there at the time --we used to go to church at [Our Lady of the] Magnificat when it was still a tiny chapel in the woods) are very vivid because we were all so active in everything.

Patty Kabis Hopkinson


Thank you, Patty! I love the image of your parents inadvertently picnicking in Kinnelon and discovering Smoke Rise. I'll have to drive by 239 North Road and take a photo of your house.

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John said...

Your two last names are quite meaningful to me. You mention being the daughter of Charlie Kabis. I worked closely with your father and brother on the Smoke Rise road crew from 1970-1974. Your father taught me and others many good life lessons which I still treasure.
Are you also related to the Smoke Rise Hopkinsons? I also have such fond memories of them.

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