Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Best Holiday Lights in Kinnelon?

Emma's Kinnelon Santa

Which do you consider to be the best Holiday lights in Kinnelon?

Ted, Emma 'n I thoroughly admire Holiday enthusiasm - particularly as it relates to lights and outdoor decorations.  Although we appreciate tasteful white lights, we particularly celebrate color and exuberance.

We like the jovial larger-than-life Santa with Rudolph standing in the front yard of the house at the southwest corner of Kinnelon and Ricker Roads. We can hear Santa shouting "Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!"

Several houses along Kiel Avenue in Kinnelon do a marvelous job with illuminations.

The house immediately next to the Smoke Rise Inn has delighted us for the past three years with its over-the-top Christmas and New Year decorations.

There are plenty more. [I remember hearing Dawn Winkler saying how competitive her street in Butler was about Christmas decorations....]

Emma & Santas
As Emma and I have discussed the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity of those who share with us their Holiday exuberance, we've wondered how we might say 'Thank You' for delighting us.

Perhaps a letter in the mailbox, signed 'Santa's Elves'?

This weekend, it dawned on me: we should celebrate those Kinnelon Holiday Lights here on this blog!

Do you agree?

Sadly, I realize that I should have had this brilliant thought a week or two ago as the lights are swiftly coming down.

Nonetheless, I throw down the proverbial mitten and invite you all to help me identify the best Holiday lights in Kinnelon this year, next year or even from years past.

Take photos; let me know which displays you find best. If there's a story behind the display, even better!

Happy New Year 2011!

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