Sunday, April 25, 2010

Didja Know? Links to Cornie Hubner's Series

Didja Know? The Master File
Consider this post a master reference document with links to Cornie Hubner's Didja Know? articles.

As I get back to exploring Smoke Rise Newsletter archives in the Smoke Rise library, I'll add the original publish dates. And, as I publish more of Cornie's stories, I'll add them here, too.

"Didja Know?" by Cornelius A. Hubner

Didja Know? The Smoke Rise Club - originally published 7/15/1985

Didja Know? 1947 Smoke Rise Home Prices

Didja Know? Smoke Rise Royalty - originally published 9/1/1985

The First Home in Smoke Rise: Didja Know? - originally published 9/15/85

Didja Know? Trails

Didja Know? Kinnelon History

The Francis S. Kinney History Series:

The Smoke Rise Riding Club - Didja Know?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Help Re-Open New Pond Trail On 5/2/10!

Smoke Rise New Pond TrailBe part of the experience of a lifetime on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 with the Smoke Rise Lake & Environment Committee:

Come help re-open the Smoke Rise New Pond Trail!

As Ken Bitz described the hike in the recent Smoke Rise Newsletter:

This will be a working hike to re-open the trail from West Shore Drive to New Pond. We will have a fun afternoon of cutting back growth along the trail, re-blazing the trail markers, and putting in place the trail head sign. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has designated a 300 foot area around New Pond to preserve its natural beauty.

We will meet at the trail head which is between 814 and 818 West Shore Drive
at 1pm.

Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts and others needing and wanting to do community service, here is an opportunity! Simply contact Ken Bitz at for details.

If you haven't already, you might enjoying reading our post about New Pond Trail..

By the way, this is one of 2 hikes organized by the Lake and Environmental committee. The second is scheduled for May 16th. I'll write about that one separately.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kinnelon Hunger Cycle Tour: May 1, 2010

Kinnelon Hunger Cycle Tour 2010Coming right up on Saturday, May 1st, 2010, is the third annual charity Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour Bike event hosted by St. David's Episcopal Church in Kinnelon, NJ.

Did you know that this event is considered the largest charity bike event of northern New Jersey? Wow!

Per the letter you may have received from Rodger Pisani, event chair, 163 riders from four states participated in 2009 raising $12,000 in profits donated to the Community Food Bank of NJ and to build clean water systems in Latin America.

This year's event offers a range of five routes: from 4 to 62 miles, each supported with rest stops and lots of special TLC. Check out the Hunger Cycle Tour details. Profits this year will go to building clean water sources throughout Africa and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

After the ride, participants can enjoy a giant BBQ and live music from Kinnelon's very own band AisleFive band, whose members include our friend Glenn Gary, Chris Sharkey, Paul Salvatoriello, Mark Odian, and Marivelle Davis. Perhaps you remember them from High School?

For more information about fees [they vary per route length] and to register, click on this Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour registration link.

You can also read the writeup on the Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour Bike Event.

Emma, Ted & I are getting the bicycles ready... We hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth Day 2010 in Kinnelon

Kinnelon Conserves 4th annual Earth Day FairYou can count on many activities in Kinnelon for Earth Day 2010. Here are details of those being held by the Kinnelon Library on 4/22/10 and Kinnelon Conserves on 4/24/10.

Kinnelon Library Earth Day Celebration

The Kinnelon Children's Library will be planting mystery seeds, sharing stories and playing games on Thursday 4/22/10 for:
  • K and 1st grades from 4pm to 4:45pm
  • 2nd and 3rd grades from 5pm to 5:45pm
  • 4th and 5th grades from 6pm to 6:45pm.
Please register by calling 973-828-1321.

Kinnelon Conserves 4th Annual Earth Day Fair

Kinnelon's own Kinnelon Conserves - a community energy reduction initiative - celebrates its 4th annual Earth Day Fair on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at the Pearl Miller School in Kinnelon from noon until 4pm.

The 'short blurb' describes the day as follows: "There will be outdoor and indoor attractions for all ages, including games, crafts, live music, films, student exhibits, "green” products and services displayed by a variety of local businesses, and exhibits by non-profit environment groups. Donations (cheerfully accepted, children & students free) will include entry to all of the events, light refreshments and a ticket for several prize drawings."

The press release provides even more detail on what to expect and bring [e.g., old cell phones, sneakers and electronics; ideas for a greener Kinnelon; your own bag and bottle].

Click here for a link to the flyer describing the day's Earth Day activities [note: that's the flyer pictured above]. The lineup of participants and activities looks fantastic!

By the way, Kinnelon Conserves hosted an event at the Kinnelon Libary on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 with Bill Reed, founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council and co-founder of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System, and a former Kinnelon resident. You can read more about the event in Consultant with Morris ties says buildings must balance environmental, human needs. You can also hear Reed talk about sustainability in this video interview that the conducted prior to the event.

[You can learn more about Kinnelon Conserves from a previous post titled Kinnelon Conserves - A Vital Kinnelon Resource.]

I'd love to hear how you celebrate Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day 2010, Kinnelon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Jersey & Kinnelon Library Armageddon?

Kinnelon NJ Public LibraryThe Kinnelon Public Library, as you know it, is in real danger of a catastrophic reduction in service due to budget cuts from Trenton, New Jersey which will trigger mandatory corresponding cuts from the federal government.

Interlibrary lending will be eliminated -- if the Kinnelon Public Library doesn't have the book you want, well, that will be too bad; you will not be able to order it from another library in Morris County or New Jersey. [See my previous post about The Kinnelon Library is in Your House! Yes, it is. for details on interlibrary lending.]

Access to online newspapers, magazines, and business information will be eliminated.

There will be NO Library for the Blind and Handicapped (talking books, adaptive hardware).

More that half of Public Libraries will lose access to the internet.

Many libraries will lose email service.

Many libraries will lose their websites.

The amount of money involved is quite small, especially since it covers the entire state of New Jersey.

It seems penny-wise and pound-foolish to me to cut such a negligible sum, which produces such a major service and effect for the entire state.

The total amount cut from the Governor's proposed budget is about $10 million, which then triggers a $4.5 million federal cut in matching funds. For all of New Jersey.

Do take a look at the Kinnelon Public Library Links detailing what we can do to express our unhappiness with this budget proposal.

We can write to our state representatives, whose email addresses and links are provided, and we can join support groups that advocate for the library system with state government.

Whatever we think individually about the need to cut state spending to make up for the shortfall in revenue, it seems to me that we should do so in ways that do not kill the inexpensive services for the, in this case, over 160,000 people per day using the NJ Public Library System.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trail from Butler to Montville and Boonton

Butler-Montville and Boonton Trails cross over Route 23Do you recognize this overpass? Here's a hint: I took this photo from Route 23 heading North in Butler / Kinnelon, just past the Ford Dealership and right by the Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership at Cascade Way. According to Tom Kline, this overpass most likely connects Butler to the the Butler-Boonton and Butler-Montville trails. Here's what Tom wrote me after reading New Pyramid Mountain Park Trail:

I read your blog post about new trails at Pyramid Mountain.

Now here is a bit of trivia for you but I do not have back-up information to prove my claim. Just a recollection of something that my father once told me many, many years ago. But I will get to that in a minute.

There were two ancient trails that crossed Kinnelon from the 1930s and perhaps even earlier. They were the Butler-Boonton trail and the Butler-Montville trail. Now known as the white trail and the blue trail, both wind on either side of Kakeout reservoir and traverse through Pyramid Mountain. Although re-marked and perhaps called out by different colors, one ended in Boonton and the other ended in Montville. You can actually take the white trail all the way from the dam of the reservoir right past Tripod rock to the top of Pyramid Mountain and considerably beyond.

As the name implies, I believe at one point in time, these trails started in Butler. You know, like downtown Butler.

So the little bit of trivia is the one and only pedestrian walkway (bridge) that crosses Route 23 and currently located just about where the new Butler Jeep dealer is (also at the foot of Cascade Way) was constructed to insure that the trail was not broken by the highway. If you follow Cascade way up to Kakeout Road, voila, you have arrived at Bubbling Brook Road, where the trail now starts.

As I said, I don't have the documentation to back it up but perhaps the Butler Museum folks could address the issue. Alternatively, perhaps the New York New Jersey Trails Conference may have some back ground information and ancient trail description.

It is awfully odd that it is the ONLY pedestrian walkway the crosses the ENTIRE length of Route 23. I think 23 ends somewhere down in Montclair and extends all the way out to Port Jervis. If you are looking for an in the car adventure some day...check it out. High Point is always a cool place to visit also!

Thanks, Tom!

What do you think? Have you taken the Butler-Montville and Butler-Boonton Trails?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Didja Know? Smoke Rise Royalty

Didja Know?This story from Cornie Hubner's Didja Know??? Series is another of his very early ones.


published 9/1/85

Royalty resided in Smoke Rise when Pavel Rodzianko lived with his parents in an apartment over what is now the Smoke Rise Club Office. Paulo, who celebrated his 7th birthday with local kids, was fifth in line for the throne of Estonia.

His father was chief of protocol of U.N. and the nephew of two historically famous Russians. One Uncle was the commanding officer of the White Russian Army during the brief Kerensky regime. Another was the head of the Dumas (Russian Parliament) who obtained the signature of Czar Nicholas on the official abdication document on a train en route to Moscow.

His mother, Luba, received her law degree in Switzerland where she attended school with the future King of Siam [?]. She became an American citizen, sponsored by two club members, so she could "vote for Eisenhower."

The Rodziankos were guests of Mr. J. Alden Talbot for several years. He supplied flowers to decorate an original cataloged "Van Dyke" which the family had rescued when they fled their home.

Pavel, a Princeton graduate, is now a Geophysicist with worldwide connections.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4/10/10 News: Hikes & Ramstein Beer Open House

Lots to look forward to for this Saturday, April 10, 2010, between Ramstein Beer and Morris County Park Commission (MCPC) hikes! We'll all three be at the Open House; Emma & I will be on the Split Rock Village Hike. We hope to see you!

Ramstein Beer Open House & Tours

Hey! Here is reminder for this weekend’s Ramstein Beer Open House and Tour, this Saturday, April 10. Just as in March, there are two tour sessions:
  • 2 PM, 1st session, and
  • 3:30 PM, 2nd session
There will be the Maibock, Classic Wheat, and unfiltered Amber available on draft as well as the Blonde and Classic in bottles.

Growlers (1 and 2 liter ) will be available for sale, and SR Fresh Hot Sauce will be there with the Cayenne-Cherry, Habanero, and XXXXTra Hot, Hot Sauce.

As usual, there will also be a tour and explanation of the brewing process by Greg Zaccardi, the owner. [See previous post with videos for a primer.]

See you there!
Ted and Christine and Emma

MCPC Hikes: Two To Choose From!

Walking Tour of Split Rock Village

On Saturday, April 10th, Joe Macasek and Bierce Riley will be leading a walking tour of the Village of Split Rock, including the forge and furnace, sponsored by the Morris County Park Commission. It's an archeology tour that will last approximately 3 hours.

We meet at the Split Rock Reservoir parking lot at 10:00 a.m., rain or shine. The MCPC charges $5 per person and provides nice handouts.

To register call 973-285-6542, but if you’d like a reply, contact Joe Macasek at macgraphics1 [at]

From research online, I've discovered that Joe Macasek and Bierce Riley are noted historians. Bierce Riley is actively involved with the Society for Industrial Archeology. Joe Macasek is vice president of The Canal Society of New Jersey and has written Guide to the Morris Canal in Morris County.

[Here is a description of the book: This layman’s guide to the 35 miles of the Morris Canal in Morris County is heavily illustrated with 40 photos, prints and diagrams and 29 maps. It includes walking and driving tours along the canal, the history of the canal and its relation to the industrial revolution, and an explanation of the canal’s famous inclined planes. It is the first guide of its kind, easy to read and fun to use.

Given that we are surrounded by signs of the Morris Canal, I thought you would enjoy some information about it. A world famous engineering marvel of its time, the Morris Canal was approximately 102 miles long. It primarily transported anthracite coal, iron ore, limestone, and agricultural products. Operating from 1831-1924, the canal employed a system of 23 lift locks and 23 inclined planes to overcome the impressive elevation change of 1,674 feet.

The book, Joe Macasek, and his photo scan are referenced in this History of Landing, New Jersey. Also check out this photo of Waterloo by Joe Macasek.

BTW, the Boonton Historical Society has marvelous programs detailed on its Boonton Historical Society Facebook Group. You should consider joining.]

Hike A Park A Month Hike: Mendham

Tom Edmunds, Russ Ness and Janet McMillan have put together with the help of Mendham Township folks a series of loops to please all hikers. The loops give us options for altering the final route and for drops-outs etc. The Mendham Township Parks website is very informative.

Given last week's rains, Tom anticipates several muddy areas.

If you plan on participating in the Mendham hike, please contact Tom Edmunds, MCPC Trails Mapping/GIS at

The group will meet at India Brook Park (NOT India Brook NATURAL AREA) on Ironia Road in Mendham Township.
  • From Morristown take route 510 (old rt 24) through the center of Mendham Boro, in about 1.5 miles look for Ironia Rd on right ( a rather sharp, steep turn). If you get to a blinking light, you’ve gone too far.
  • Take Ironia Rd , another 2 miles and look for entrance on right, park at soccer fields.
  • From route 10, turn left on Dover –Chester Road, bear left just after Ironia Fire house and large RC Church on left on to South Rd.
  • Follow South Rd ( about 1.5 miles) and turn left on to Ironia Rd. The Park entrance is on left a short way up Ironia Rd.
If you know this area you can take Sussex Turnpike through Randolph, on to Calais Rd and then Dover-Chester/South Rd etc.

Be prepared for a 9 AM start and a 3.5 to 4 hour hike through some simply magnificent scenery of Morris County including Buttermilk Falls and the India Brook gorge. This may be a more-than-moderate hike in a few spots.
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