Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy IdeaPaint News! Kiel School Has Won Makeover

Congratulations, Annika Levitt's first grade class at Kiel School, on winning the IdeaPaint makeover! In case you are not subscribed to Textcaster, here is the news sent out at 9:24pm tonight:

Dear Friends of Kiel School,

You may have heard the news, but just in case you did not hear us “shouting from the rooftops,” Mrs. Levitt’s First Grade class at Kiel School WON the IdeaPaint Makeover Contest

The IdeaPaint Makeover Contest includes a consultation with the IdeaPaint “Ambassador of Innovation” Keith Whittier, followed by a 500 sq. ft. IdeaPaint installation.  Thanks to the AWESOME video submission and your votes, our students will have endless opportunities for learning through the creativity and versatility of IdeaPaint! 

Mrs. Levitt shared the following:  “In my eyes, the kids were already winners, but now it will be written on the walls!” “I am so lucky to be the teacher of these amazing kids!” 

I would like to extend my gratitude to Mrs. Levitt, the wonderful students and staff at Kiel School in addition to the entire Kinnelon School district, and our extended school community.   THANK YOU for forwarding the contest link to your family and friends!   Our school is about to become an even more exciting, fun-filled learning community! 

One Very Proud Principal, Jodi Mulholland

Check out the IdeaPaint Makeover Contest Winner Announcement on the IdeaPaint Blog.

[Also, see the interview with Annika Levitt about the IdeaPaint Submission.]

Thank you for voting and helping make this contest submission a success!


John said...

Quoting Annika, "How magical and perfect!"


CB Whittemore said...

John, I agree!

Thank you.


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