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Kinnelon's Trash-2-Treasure Contest 2011

Kinnelon's Trash-2-Treasure Contest 2011
Kinnelon Library's Galina Adair

What a week! The 2011 Trash-2-Treasure Contest took place with entries due by 5pm on Monday, November 28 and award ceremony on Thursday, December 1st.

And what a Trash 2 Treasure contest! Galina Adair from the Kinnelon Children's Library reports that this year's contest had 69 entries.

I asked her about the outreach that had taken place to get the word out in the Kinnelon Schools. Galina writes:

"Ms. Mulholland, the principal at Kiel School, and Mr. Mongon, the principal at Stonybrook School, were very receptive to having the Kinnelon Library Children’s Dept. come to their schools and promote the Trash2Treasure Program.

Outreach for Trash2Treasure was done in the Kiel School with the help of Ms. Santagato, the art teacher. I visited the students at Kiel School with the intent to motivate local students to creatively “upcycle” their garbage. I was putting forth a challenge to the kids to create a piece of art or functional item using garbage that would normally be recycled.

The early winter storm this year not only challenged the road and utility crews, it also challenged library and school schedules. Unfortunately we were not able to actually visit Stonybrook School and present our Outreach program to the students. However, Ms. Scully, the art teacher at Stonybrook, was our advocate Outreach person. In her art classes she promoted our Trash2Treasure contest.

The Trash2Treasure Program was meant to teach budding eco-artists and future inventors and creators to think twice about what they threw out. “Upcycling” is the way to go! And it’s COOL!"

Here are photos from the awards ceremony. I encourage you to go visit the Kinnelon Library and check out the entries. At the same time, you can admire the Kiel and Stonybrook student art show.

Trash 2 Treasure: Kinnelon Library's Nancy McMurrer
Kinnelon Library's Nancy McMurrer

Trash 2 Treasure: Kinnelon Mayor Bob Collins announced the winners
Kinnelon Mayor Bob Collins announced the winners

2011 Trash 2 Treasure Winners

Kindergarten through 1st Grade Trash 2 Treasure Winners

  • 1st Place:  God’s Creation – Julia Coyne
  • 2ndPlace:  Globe – Sara Barrow
  • 3rd Place:  Alligator Bride – Alanna Gallagher
  • Honorable Mention:  Dairy Queen -  Kaitlyn McLuaghlin

2nd and 3rd Grade Trash 2 Treasure Winners

  • 1st Place:  Christmas Tree – Chloe Fernstrom
  • 2ndPlace:  Go Green Garden – Emma Schmidt
  • 3rd Place:  Robot Toka – Hilal Bas
  • Honorable Mention:  Hunter the Sports Boy – Andrew Weiss

4th and 5th Grade Trash 2 Treasure Winners

  • 1st Place:  Voyage from Trash to Treasure – Emma Whittemore
  • 2ndPlace:  Snip to Save – Ben Waalberg
  • 3rd Place:  Christmas Poinsettia – Daniel Cauz
  • Honorable Mention:  Science Lab Project  - Katarina Coyne

Kinnelon's Trash 2 Treasure Contest
Emma receives her award! 

Thank you, Galina, Nancy and all of the staff at the Kinnelon Library who made the 2011 Trash-2-Treasure contest such a success! Thanks, too, for inspiring our kids!

Below are photos that Ted took today of the 2011 Trash2Treasure Contest entries.

The Go Green Garden

Chloe's Christmas Tree

Emma's Ship! Behind it, notice Ben's "Snip To Save" Penguin

Daniel's Christmas Poinsettia


Anonymous said...


Way to go Emma.


CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, HOF! You can imagine how proud our girl is :-)


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