Saturday, December 17, 2011

Star of the Week in the Papasan Chair: Emma's 3rd Grade Tradition

What classroom traditions do you remember from grade school? I remember getting to write about a Piranha fish instead of doing something else and I loved cleaning the blackboard. None of those, though, were formal traditions that the entire class participated in. Luckily, as we are learning from Emma's classroom experiences, Kinnelon School has developed plenty...

Star of the Week in the Papasan Chair title=Here is a wonderful tradition that Emma experienced in third grade with her teacher, Doreen Kolster: Star of the Week.

When a student becomes Star of the Week, s/he gets to bring to class something special each day and gets 10 to 15 minutes to talk about what makes that item special and answer questions. For example, the student might invite someone to come in and read a book or talk about careers with the class, share a collection or favorite book, create a poster, or share a favorite snack with the class....

Emma was chomping at the bit for her turn to come. And it did... at the end of the school year! She brought in her State Quarter Collection, a snack that Ted made and... me to read a favorite book, I Crocodile.

The Fourth Grade Tradition is called "Spotlight On...". It lasts one day, says Emma.

In the meantime, here is Emma's [brief] account of life as Star of the Week in the Papasan Chair in Mrs. Kolster's 3rd grade class.

Aaah! It is so relaxing to sit in the Papasan chair.

The Papasan chair is in my third grade teacher's classroom. It is big, yellow, comfy and fun. Whenever you are Star of the Week, you can sit in it.
Kinnelon School Traditions When I was Star of the Week, I got to sit in it!!!

Mrs. Kolster, my third grade teacher, used to have a green one, but now it is yellow. I find yellow a very soothing color. Now, that is my opinion and you can have your own!

Just picture yourself sitting in this awesome chair, after a long hard day, coming home to sit in it!

Did you ever have a chair in your classroom like this?

Do you have a chair like this at home?

I would love to hear what it is like.

Thank you.

Emma and Mrs. Kolster
Emma and her 3rd grade teacher, Doreen Kolster
As sad as Emma was about 3rd grade ending, she is loving 4th grade with her teacher, Carol Moore, in the same classroom she had for third grade.

Back to my original question, what were your favorite grade school traditions and memories?

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