Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Smoke Rise Club Car Badge

The Smoke Rise Club Car Badge

There's more! The articles about Smoke Rise Relic: Car Badge and The Smoke Rise East Gate encouraged Rob Infante to send me the Smoke Rise Club car badge picture above and the message below:
Hello. I saw your piece about the old Smoke Rise car badges and thought you might like another pic of one.  My folks moved there in 1973, and somewhere along the way picked it up.  It was in the car for a while, then, when it started to get tatty, was mounted.
Best Regards
Rob Infante

I followed up with Rob and asked him a few questions: whether his parents still lived in Smoke Rise and whether he grew up there, too.  He responded:
I moved away after high school, so was gone by '86.  My folks stayed there until about '99, at which point they bought a townhouse in Montville.  We were on Sugar Hill Road, so I pretty much grew up around Splitrock Reservoir.  I'm down in Mountain Lakes now, but still enjoy riding my mountain bike up through that way.  Lots of memories.

Thank you, Rob! I really appreciate your sharing this photo and look forward to connecting in person. Any chance you might ride your bike in the 2012 Brake The Hunger Cycle Tour?


rob infante said...

Hi Christine. I'll definitely be on the Hunger Tour. I've done it before and had a great time.

See you 5/5/12!

CB Whittemore said...

Rob, that sounds fantastic! Thanks again for sharing this photo and your Smoke Rise story.

See you in May!


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