Friday, September 2, 2011

Wine Tasting Event at the Smoke Rise Inn

Here are some photos of the extremely pleasant wine tasting our SR Village Inn held in the In Courtyard on Aug. 15.

Some Clients (including me; you guess which)
lining up for the Vino
Could there be a nicer spot? The courtyard was looking splendid, both casual and elegant, and the mood amongst  the attendees was happy and relaxed.

The crowd early on was about 30 people, a number which increased
to about 60 or so by the end of the hour and a half

Tables were provided for those weary of  tipping a glass
or who just wanted to sit
The Inn supplied excellent hors d'oeuvres to accompany 8 wines, 4 red and 4 white, all of which could be purchased by the case for those so inclined.

The larger crowd towards the end of the tasting
Inn manager Randy Polo was on hand to observe and discuss the event, as was our Governor for the Inn, Bob Morrisroe, and family, who appeared to be more in the way of simply enjoying it. As did Christine and Emma. And I.

Our genial Sommelier and Pourer
No more events like this in 2011, but Randy and Bob indicate the positive response bodes well for a return next summer! Come! It's free! Not the cases, of course, just the food and wine tasting.

Those of you interested in wine should remember the upcoming Cakebread Cellars wine dinner on Sept. 15, and the Stag's Leap dinner on October 22.


Ted, Christine and Emma

Photo Credits: Christine

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