Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Silas Condict Park Trail: Bear Mountain, Kinnelon

New Silas Condict Park Trail: Bear Mountain, Kinnelon
In case you weren't aware, there's a new trail in town at Silas Condict Park in Kinnelon and it's definitely worth checking out on September 25, 2011 [or on your own]! You'll find it identified as the W trail on the Silas Condict Trail Map, although I refer to it as the Bear Mountain Trail.

Regardless, it represents an approximately 4 mile loop hike and transforms - in my mind - the Silas Condict Park hiking experience and you have the opportunity to check it out via guided tour with one of Morris County Park's talented teacher/naturalists! Here are details:

On Sunday, September 25, 2011, Douglas Vorolieff from Morris County Park Commission will lead a hike along the new Bear Mountain Trail in Silas Condict Park in Kinnelon.

When: September 25, 2011 at 9AM

Where: Meet at the Silas Condict Casino (i.e., the main stone building by the lake).

The Route: Along the W trail through the recently acquired area south of the lake and adjacent to Borough owned properties between Kinnelon Rd and Smoke Rise. This area is about 250 acres.

Description: The trail will take us through parts of Bear Mountain in Kinnelon.

To participate in this hike, you must register. To register, please  call and leave a message at 973 283-2880 or email Ken Bitz at 

Note:  no dogs.

Sadly, Emma and I won't be able to participate. However, Ted will be there!

To give you a preview of what to expect, here are photos and my trail map from last December's Morris County Hike a Park a Month event during which we previewed the Bear Mountain Trail. So many participated [~45] that we formed two groups, pictured here.

MCPC Silas Condict Park hikers group 1

MCPC Silas Condict Park hikers group 2

Here's the trail map with photos. Notice the range of terrain, including a really cool rock formation to squeeze through. It's a fantastic trail!

MCPC hike Silas Condit Park

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Tom Edmunds shared the following as we prepared for the hike last year:

The creators of this route through our recent acquisition in Silas Condict Park (Duncan Douglas, Tom Carr and Ron Luna) will be leading us over a quite challenging and adventuresome trail with great views and a good warming workout fit for the cold we anticipate.

We strongly encourage all to wear good hiking boots as there are several areas where secure footing is advisable. Hiking sticks will also help but be careful of depending on them on smooth rock surfaces. We’ve chosen a direction to hike this loop trail so it will appear to be more downhill than up ----of course you know I sometimes overstate the case.

Don't forget to register! Then, after the hike, let me know what you liked most.

Happy hiking!

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