Saturday, September 3, 2011

Museum Passes at the Kinnelon Library

Kinnelon Public Library

Were you aware that the Kinnelon Library has available for check-out passes to museums? In case you aren't, here is the lowdown from Galina Adair in the Children's Library!

The Children's Library owns the following passes for in-person chargeouts at the desk in Children's:

The American Folk Art Museum pass is currently unavailable because it's in the process of being renewed for another year. It should be available for check-out again soon.

These passes are available to Kinnelon card holders only. They cannot be reserved. They cannot be renewed. First come - first served. Museum pass checkouts are good for 1 week. The Sculpture Garden is good for 1 week. The baseball pass is good for 2 days.

These marvelous museum passes need to be checked out in person at the desk in the Children's Library upstairs and they need to be returned there.

If you haven't already, I hope you'll take advantage of these resources.

If you have, please share with us what you and your family enjoyed most about these venues. Leave me a comment or email me and I will share it with our readers.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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