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K-Fest 2011 on 10/2/11 Celebrates Kinnelon Community

K-Fest 2011 on 10/2/11 Celebrates Kinnelon Community
Have you noticed signs around town about KFest? In case you've wondered what it's about, K-FEST 2011 is a day set aside for Kinnelon residents to celebrate family, friends and neighbors. It is sponsored by Kinnelon Borough officials and KAMELOT, Kinnelon's Municipal Alliance.

The inaugural K-FEST takes place on Sunday, October 2, 2011, at Lake Rickabear in Kinnelon from 12 noon to 6pm. It includes all kinds of activities ranging from local artist demonstrations, to competitive pie-eating, martial arts, CPR and more.

If you'd like to participate - and you should, given the amazing Lake Rickabear setting and that all of Kinnelon will be there :-) - visit the K-Fest website. It's open to Kinnelon residents only [regretfully, no pets].

K-Fest 2011 on 10/2/11 in Kinnelon, NJKinnelon Patch reported on preparations for the event in KAMELOT Gets Ready For Kinnelon Community Event.

Susan Jaeger Ardrey sent me the following about K-Fest:

This inaugural, free community-wide event will take place October 2, 2011 at Lake Rickabear on Kinnlon Road from 12pm - 6pm. Recreational facilities, games, free hot dogs (cooked by our mayor and council), booths and many other activities will be available. 

The goal is to bring the entire Kinnelon community together for an alcohol and drug-free day, full of gold old-fashioned fun and games, while providing a sense of an extended family for residents of all ages. 

Local groups are asked to participate and provide information regarding each of their respective contributions to the Kinnelon community, and local vendors are asked to contribute as well. 

Check out our beautiful new website for K-Fest and register on-line at . Hope to see you there!!

I've just learned that the Kinnelon Children's Library will be present at K-Fest and actively involved! Three staff members - including Galina Adair - will be running the children's activities!

I think we are in for some terrific fun!

Don't forget to register for Kinnelon Day. I look forward to seeing you at the first ever K-Fest 2011!

By the way, K-Fest will operate a shuttle bus from the Kinnelon High School parking lot to Lake Rickabear throughout the duration of the event. No need to fuss over limited parking!

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