Friday, December 3, 2010

Smoke Rise Hemlock Trail: Re-Opened!

Smoke Rise Hemlock Trail

Consider a hike along the newly re-opened Smoke Rise Hemlock Trail.

Hurray! Ken Bitz, from the Smoke Rise Lake and Environment Committee, shares the following news.

The Hemlock Trail is open for fall hiking!

The project to clear and re-blaze this 0.5 mile trail that was undertaken by Boy Scout Ben Wasserman and his troop has been completed. The Hemlock trail that is accessed at the corner of Brush Hill Road and Summit Terrace South is open and very inviting for a nice hike in the weather that the crisp fall brings.

The committee is working on a new updated map of hiking trails in our community, which will be available when ready.

Emma, Ted and I haven't yet had a chance to experience the newly re-opened Hemlock Trail. However, we enjoyed it very much in its previous state and look forward to an even better hike soon!

You can also find a detailed listing of Smoke Rise hikes in Smoke Rise Hiking Trails: The List.

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