Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Kinnelon Christmas! Happy Holidays!

It's the final countdown before Christmas here in Kinnelon and elsewhere, too.

On Tuesday, Emma's third grade class at Kinnelon's Stonybrook School put on a fantastic presentation of Holidays around the World. We learned about Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Chinese, Muslim and American Holiday traditions.

Today, Emma had her final rehearsal with Our Lady of the Magnificat's Cherub Choir which is made up of children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. They sing for the 4pm Christmas Eve Mass which is more of a Christmas musical than a traditional mass. It's an exuberant celebration.

Next year, we'll experience the 6pm Christmas Eve Mass for the first time since Emma will have graduated from the Cherub Choir. I expect that will be equally amazing.

Emma with Santa, 2009
For now, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's event.

Over the past two weekends, two other magnificent musical events have taken place in Kinnelon:
Emma can't wait for the unfolding of the rest of the Christmas festivities... We finished watching The Santa Clause and really enjoyed this digital version of the Nativity story. Final countdown time...

Then, depending on the weather, maybe we'll take a hike through the Hemlock Trail on Christmas Day...

What do you have planned for these Kinnelon Holidays?

We wish you health, happiness and marvelous times during these Holidays and for all of 2011!

Ted, Emma &

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