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Kinnelon's Trash 2 Treasure Contest 2010

Kinnelon's Trash 2 Treasure Contest 2010 The second annual Kinnelon Trash 2 Treasure Contest ended on December 7th, 2010, with winners announced and prizes awarded. Luckily, all of the children's creations will be on display in the Kinnelon's Children's Library through the end of December 2010. Go visit them. Be amazed at our children's ingenuity and imagination. It's a treat!

Nancy McMurrer, Kinnelon Librarian and champion for the Trash 2 Treasure program, detailed highlights:

Nancy McMurrer, Kinnelon Librarian and champion for the Trash 2 Treasure program+ 100 entries in 2010 vs. 60 entries in 2009.

+ Since last year, a Terracycle drink pouch brigade has formed thanks to Karen Baker who got the program running at Kiel School.  Kiel School is now a collection point for drink pouches which yield a $.02 return to the school and are then upcycled into school products.

+ The Trash 2 Treasure Contest has evolved since last year's event. Not only have the Kinnelon school art teachers - Scully and Santagato - been asking about the event, but so have the students.

+ The seven 2010 Trash 2 Treasure judges either live, work or volunteer in Kinnelon and include 3 men, 4 women; 2 Kinnelon High School seniors; a Suburban Trends editor and several prominent and active members of the Kinnelon community.

More specifically:

Bob Collins - Mayor Elect
Linda Farmer - Kinnelon Library Board Member/ Artist
Diana Friedman - KHS Senior
Sid Johnston - Editorial Assistant Trends
Gene Myers - Features Editor Trends
Fiona Reidy - KHS Senior
Carol Sventy - CLL, Open Space, Kinnelon After School Enrichment

1st place Trash 2 Treasure winner, Emma Whittemore
Hurray for Emma!
And, now, the 2010 Trash 2 Treasure Winners:

K and 1st Grade Trash 2 Treasure Winners

1st Place: Christian Sokol – Luigi’s Haunted Castle #21
2nd Place: Kevin Baker – Giraffe in the Jungle #34
3rd Place: Allison Donohue – Monster Garden #17

2nd and 3rd Grade Trash 2 Treasure Winners

1st Place: Emma Whittemore – Books Galore #22
2nd Place: Jenna Stickley – Don’t Pollute our Oceans # 18
3rd Place: Erin Pelliconi/Olivia Bosefski – Boats on the Bay # 8

4th and 5th Grade Trash 2 Treasure Winners

1st Place: Sara Schotanus – “Ante” Eater - #11
2nd Place: Lauren Abderhalden – Old Fashion Typewriter #10
3rd Place: Michael Halasnik – Abraham Lincoln #3

Many thanks to Tiffany Seymour and PNC Bank for generously supporting the contest. Each first place winner received a $100 savings bond! All winners received highly coveted TerraCycle school products.
Kinnelon's 2010 Trash 2 Treasure first place winners
All three 1st Place Trash 2 Treasure winners
Interestingly, after corresponding with Nancy about the Trash 2 Treasure Contest details, I came across this fascinating Fast Company article titled The Four Secrets of Playtime that Foster Creative Kids, written by Frog Design.

I found this paragraph particularly thought-provoking... and supportive of Trash 2 Treasure:

"In 2007, Howard Chudacoff, a professor of History at Brown University, wrote a book called Children at Play: An American History, in which he identified a disturbing trend suggesting that play is changing dramatically from a world invented by children to a world prescribed by parents and other adults. He discovered that “the resourcefulness of children’s culture has eroded, as children have become less skilled at transforming everyday objects into playthings.” Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” What do our children really need to invent for themselves in such a manufactured, overly structured world? While an African child might be monetarily poor compared with his European counterpart, I would argue that he is richer in play because he must invent the very ball he tosses or kicks around. Children in the US simply go to Walmart. From education to play consumption, we have unknowingly created a society of more game players rather than game designers —and that’s an important distinction."

Congratulations, Trash 2 Treasure 2010 winners! Congratulations to all of the kids who participated in the contest and Thank you, Nancy, for championing such a marvelous program! I hope you'll go visit the Kinnelon Children's Library and check out the 2010 Trash 2 Treasure Contest entries.

And for some additional perspective on the Trash 2 Treasure Contest, read Kinnelon Children's Library: One Kid's Trash... Although from 2009, it's a fun read.

Added 12/24/10: Nancy McMurrer sent me a link to Princeton Alumni Weekly's Slide Show: Trash Made Beautiful.

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