Monday, November 29, 2010

Come to the Hot Sauce Talk at L'Ecole, Wed. Dec. 8th at 7 PM

Kinnelon Community Gardens has invited me to talk about Hot Sauces and the making of Hot Sauces as a part of their Monthly Education Seminar Program, so .. that's what I'm going to do, on the evening of Wednesday Dec. 8 at 7 PM at L'Ecole, 25 Kiel Ave. in Kinnelon. I will also bring some of the Hot Sauces that I make for tasting and sale.

I myself have liked spicy and hot food including Hot Sauce since my late teens and have been making Hot Sauces for over 20 years. Check out The Fresh Hot Sauce Blog, and the SR Fresh Hot Sauce website for more information, including reviews of popular hot sauces, in my inimitable writing style.

I attended the Bee Keeping Talk earlier this fall and enjoyed it a lot. We had a good crowd and I am not surprised since most people do like honey, after all.

I'm wondering if there are enough Hot Sauce enthusiasts out there interested in hearing about the history of Hot Sauce in America, from McIlhenny's commercial  introduction of Tabasco in 1868 (yeah, that long ago), to more boutique and colorfully named brands such as Dave's Insanity and Blair Lazar's "Death" Sauces in the last 2 decades of the 20th century.

I will also talk about popular methods of crushing, chopping and juicing peppers and related hot sauce ingredients and methods of preserving and bottling the results as Hot Sauce.

Do you like Hot Sauce?

Wanna make some???


OK. Just come and listen!

Don't like Hot Sauce???

I am sorry for you -- you can stay home.


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