Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Smoke Rise Inn in Pictures: Indoors

I promised you more photos of Smoke Rise Inn activities taking place during the early Smoke Rise days in The Smoke Rise Inn In Pictures: Outdoors. Here follow images of several types of events that took place indoors at the Smoke Rise Inn.

These first two photos seem to relate to a sale of Christmas items - perhaps books, cards, ribbons and calendars. Based on the poster announcing an auction on October 17th, I assume this photo was taken in early October [note short sleeves and scene through the glass door. However, the little girl behind "Frenchy" in the second photo is wearing earmuffs... and I can't figure out the wintery scene behind the glass doors.]

Of course, I'm assuming the two photos were taken at the same event based on Mrs. Chantler's outfit.

Women at the Smoke Rise Inn
Pictured here are: Marion Dougherty, Ann Nevius, Mrs. Braks, Mrs. Chantler.

Intense conversation at the Smoke Rise Inn
Louise "Frenchy" Scott and Mrs. Sam Chantler.

Note the food items for sale behind the two women: cole slaw, fresh cauliflower, spinach. What do you suppose is in the tins?

Events at the Smoke Rise Inn look to me to have been marvelous affairs and perhaps not so different from those taking place today. What do you think? I love the details that these pictures capture.

Halloween at the Smoke Rise Inn
Halloween Party at the Smoke Rise Inn - 10/29/1949

Smoke Rise Inn conga line
Conga line on the terrace outside? - Smoke Rise Inn Party - 9/3/1949

Santa visits the Smoke Rise Inn
Santa visits the Smoke Rise Inn 12/19/1948

Christmas at the Smoke rise Inn
As the children listen carefully. Or, are they more interested in the photographer?

These next photos relate to the same dinner event.  I'm assuming the evening started out in the seating area, moved on to the bar and then to the dinner table.  That's how I've organized them.  Unfortunately, no dates or names... Must have been early '50s.

Smoke Rise Inn dinner event - 1
Magazines on the coffee table:  TIME, Bazaar. I love the hat.

Smoke Rise Inn dinner event - 2
I'm assuming this took place during the warmer months. Notice the open window and also short sleeves. Why is that young man seated on the floor?

Smoke Rise Inn dinner event - 3
I love the patterned dresses.

Smoke Rise Inn dinner event - 4

Smoke Rise Inn dinner event - 5
Notice the windows are open. Also, the boy-girl seating.

Smoke Rise Inn dinner event - 6

Fun, no? Do you have stories or memories related to these events? Let me know!

Many thanks to Tom Kline for sharing these photos.


Mary Beth said...

I'm guessing that 'Conga line' was actually the group doing the 'Hokey Pokey'.... "You put you left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about ..."

The pictures (the furniture, the clothing) remind me of black & white photos that I have seen of my mom's family in her younger years. But they lived in the Bronx back in the 1940s.

Thanks for sharing.

CB Whittemore said...

Mary Beth, I hadn't yet added music to that photo. It's much better with sound!

The pictures remind me of my mom's family, too, in France.



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