Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Smoke Rise Spirits Shop

Have you ever taken a walk behind the Smoke Rise Inn? There's a doorway there with a green awning that I believe may have been the door to the Smoke Rise Spirit Shop.  You know, the place from where Smoke Rise Spirits Survive came.

After receiving those Smoke Rise Spirits photos from Herb Fisher, I asked him for details and learned that his Dad, Herb Fisher Sr., had run the Spirit Shop!  Here is what he shared:

"Herb ran the Spirit Shop (volunteer/no compensation) with his "lady friends".

Why he stopped? I really can't add much to this story.  We lived down in Texas and the only exposure I had was when we visited my parents in Smoke Rise during that one summer. 

Several times during that two or three week period I would help him stock the shelves or carry stuff in from the delivery truck -- while I was there I did not want him to carry cases of booze and beer. 

He enjoyed doing it (kept him busy) plus at the back of the current bar at the Inn was a window type arrangement, so Herb could chat with the bartender (think his name was Jim Rodda) and chat with anyone who was sitting at the bar. Besides a pilot, Herb was a Public Relations expert and enjoyed BS-ing with everyone!

Jim Rohrer was running Rosernes at the time and there was some reason why Harry Rohrer, Jim's oldest brother decided not to get involved with the Inn. I cannot really remember."

I asked Herb about his Dad's bar and whether it was stocked with Smoke Rise Spirits.

Emily Fisher
"No, Herb's bar at home, from as far back as I can remember, was stocked with "top shelf" liquor.  His favorite was Scotch: Chivas 12 year old, 18 year old Highland Park, etc., or other whiskeys - Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Crown Royal, and the same for vodkas and rums.  Herb made one huge unreal Bloody Mary for overnight guests that accompanied Emily and Mitzi's/Nana late morning super brunches.  That drink was a 628 Mountain Road specialty (Emily enjoyed one or two on occasion... See photo).

Herb kept a bottle of Smoke Rise Scotch, Bourbon, etc. at the house more as a novelty. He would also send them as gifts. Ya know, living in an upscale gated community with it's own liquor label, status!

When I see a picture like the attached... Emily reminds me of Barbara Billingsley, mother of Wally and the Beave/the TV show "Leave it to Beaver".  Those were better times. Glad I lived them."

Thanks, Herb, for helping us imagine The Smoke Rise Spirits Shop! Any chance you have Herb's unreal Bloody Mary recipe?

Do you have memories or stories relating to the Smoke Rise Spirits Shop? What about recipes for favorite drinks served at the Smoke Rise Inn or even at family events?


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed,you are correct that was the entrance to the Inn's Spirit Shop.

And no, I do not have the exact formula for Herb's Bloody Marys....however I can relay what I remember.

Two healthy shots of Vodka/premium
lime juice fresh
splash of Worcestershire
splash of Angostura
pinch of salt
touch++ Tabasco
of course fill with good tomato juice
top with a turn or three of fresh ground pepper

Guaranteed (if you could stomach this) one or two would clear up a hangover from last night. Or if at 1030 or 1100 in the morn,being an overnight houseguest at the Fisher's brunch, and you were starting anew,it might be time for a designated driver or a nap.

CB Whittemore said...

Herb, I'm relieved I got the Spirit Shops entrance right.

Thanks for sharing this story. We will definitely toast you when we recreate the Bloody Mary experience.


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