Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smoke Rise Summers - Now & Then

Smoke Rise Beach 1960
Smoke Rise Beach 1960
How are you capturing memories of your Smoke Rise summers?  Are you taking pictures? Here's a really good reason: so you can appreciate how wonderful Summer is and was back then...

These images from Smoke Rise Summers past come from Herb Fisher Jr. [read his previous contributions] who remembers endless great days growing up in Smoke Rise.

Aren't they fabulous? I'm enjoying noticing how much hasn't changed, and what has.  For example, I'm trying to figure out where those rocks in the photo above were [to the right as you look at the swim lanes?]...

These photos remind me, too, to take more pictures including ones of the Sunday sailboat races. 

Some details from Herb.

The first five photos date back to 1960 and capture Herb and his parents, Herb Sr. and Emily Fisher.

Smoke Rise Beach supplied the Adirondack chairs that you see Herb and Emily sitting in on the Rotunda.  Notice the rope barrier [which is now a solid fence].

If I'm not mistaken, adults wanting to get away from children on the beach went to the Rotunda. Children may also not have been allowed there? Does anyone have details and know how long the Rotunda was used in this manner?

Smoke Rise Beach Rotunda 1960
Herb and Emily on the Smoke Rise Beach Rotunda, 1960

Emily Fisher, Smoke Rise Beach, 1960

 Young Herb Fisher, Jr. on Smoke Rise Beach.

Young Herb Fisher, Jr. on a sailboat... having given up on sail worthy wind?

For these next two pictures, step forward twenty-five years to 1985 when Herb Jr. and his wife Jan visited Herb Sr. and Emily in Smoke Rise.  Their daughter, Jenny is ~ 7.

By the way, that slide looks fantastic! Emma's reaction when she saw it: "Lucky!"  Notice the swimming platform.  I don't see any lane markers, though. Was a formal swimming area [outside of the swim lanes] not marked off?

Jenny Fisher at 7 years old, Smoke Rise Beach

Jenny Fisher, 7 years old, Smoke Rise Beach

Finally, a photo from 1991 when Jenny is 12 captured here with her mom and grandmother. The lifeguard chairs haven't changed too much!

Jenny, Jan and Emily Fisher, 1991, Smoke Rise Beach

Herb says movie night on the beach was a regular occurrence while he was growing up. And, although he doesn't remember camping on the beach, he says that Jenny participated in it when she visited. Jenny loved visiting Smoke Rise.  According to Herb, "The magic is still there. There is no better place on earth for Emma or me or others to grow up in than Smoke Rise."

Inspired by Herb's marvelous photos, I took this one a few weeks back with miPhone. I'll have to take more with my regular camera so you can see better detail. There's our slide [not as dramatic an incline, but a big hit nonetheless], the marked off swim area and general summer fun from July 2010.

Smoke Rise Beach, July 2010. Notice the slide in the distance....

Thanks, Herb, for sharing these images of Smoke Rise Summers back then.

What memories do you have of growing up in and around Smoke Rise and Kinnelon?


Anonymous said...


The rocks/stones were located immediately in front of rotunda at the edge of the lake. That picture was probably taken from rotunda.

If you look real closely under the slide or enlarge photo you can see a rope and floats that designated the area of swimming.

CB Whittemore said...

HOF, Thanks for the clarifications. And THANKS for the awesome memories.


The Possum said...

I remember having a boat just like that at Fayson in the early '70s. A newer, fiberglass "Scorpion" and an older, wooden "Sailfish" with the striped sail like those pictured. I remember painting the hull and refinishing a rudder just like the one Herb is holding in the photo.

CB Whittemore said...

Damon, how marvelous! I bet you had some fun times sailing...

Thanks for remembering those details.


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