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St. David's 2010 Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour Bike Event - Recap

St. David's 2010 Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour Bike EventTime to recap the St. David's 2010 Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour Bike Event that we described in Kinnelon Hunger Cycle Tour: May 1, 2010...

I've exchanged emails with Mike Odian who, with Rodger Pisani, are co-chairs of this terrific event. Mike filled me in with some of the details about the event.

More specifically, that this third Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour bike event was a terrific event from multiple perspectives:

* the weather was outrageously wonderful
* a record 241 riders enjoyed the roads
* AisleFive's music was appreciated by all
* food was good and plentiful
* charities will benefit from our record earnings

Be sure to save May 7, 2011 for next year's event.

Mike also shared some history on the bike event.  Here is what he says:

"Our bike event started in 2008 as a one-time event to raise $2,500.  Well, that year we (St. David's) attracted 84 riders and raised $8,000.  So, we set a target of raising $100,000 thru the year 2015. 

In 2009 the numbers were 161 riders and $12,000.  This year we hit 241 riders and $28,000.  This was helped by the generosity of an "angel" who provided a $10,000 matching gift if we committed to raising an equal amount of money.  So, in three years we have raised $48,000. 

The 2010 moneys were donated to support clean water projects in Africa and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.  It's a "think globally and locally; act globally and locally". 

One last very important point. I would be remiss in not naming the individual whose idea and vision made all of this possible.  It is Rodger Pisani, an avid cyclist and great guy!"

Thanks, Mike!

Ted, Emma and I had a blast taking part in this bicycle event. We decided to ride from our house to St. David's, do the four mile route and relax a bit to the tunes of AisleFive before heading back home.

The 4-mile tour took us from Keil Avenue behind St. David's to Ricker Road where we took a left through Kinnelon Road, left on Ricker Terrace, right onto Meadow Lane, right again on Ricker Road, immediate left onto Foothills, left on Hillside, right onto Valley, right onto Hearthstone, right onto Hillside, left onto Foothills, left on Ricker then back onto Kinnelon Road with a left heading toward route 23. We took a right onto Maple Lakes Road, right onto old Keil Avenue, left onto Keil Avenue back to Kinnelon Road and into the St. David's driveway.

In our enthusiasm, we turned back into St. David's parking lot about 1.5 miles too soon - as you'll see from the trail ride below.

kinnelon hunger cycle tour

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We still had a fantastic time as you can see from my photos from the Kinnelon Hunger Cycle Tour 2010:

We can't wait for the 2011 St. David's Brake the Hunger Cycle Tour Bike Event. In fact, Emma is saying that she wants to do the 12 mile route which takes you south on Kinnelon Road, left on Fayson Lakes Road, right on Boonton Avenue, right on Rockaway Valley Road to a rest stop, back to Four Corners, left onto Powerville Road then right into St. David's parking lot. Phew!

Perhaps we'll see you there.

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