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Kinnelon Community Gardens - Update 8/16/10 Meeting

Kinnelon Community Garden
The Kinnelon Community Gardens (KCG) held its first meeting on August 16, 2010 at the Kinnelon Library.  Galina Adair reports as follows on the meeting and next steps, including the next meeting to be held Monday August 30, 2010!


Kinnelon Community Gardens Timeline

The timeline for breaking ground for our Kinnelon Community Gardens would be by OCTOBER 1st.

Kinnelon Community Gardens Mission Statement

We spoke about creating a Mission Statement, but we did not want it to be complicated. Sustainable West Milford has a GREAT mission statement – so, we recycled it a little and made it our own:

Kinnelon Community Gardens hopes to empower residents to be advocates for sustainable communities. Enabling community members to transform Kinnelon into an environmentally friendly and sustainable community through their personal participation and leadership.

Kinnelon Community Gardens Property Search Committee

I guess the biggest question on everyone’s mind is Where Will The Kinnelon Community Garden Be?  We do not know yet, Mary Cobell and Galina Adair volunteered to do a property search. 30 acres behind rec and behind town hall as well as areas around schools were suggested.

Kinnelon Community Gardens Master Gardener List

A list of Kinnelon Master Gardeners needs to be put together, because we will be deferring to them for help. Possible sources mentioned were Frelinghuysen and Rutgers Co-op Extension. Theresa Haulser will be looking into this.

Kinnelon Community Gardens PR Committee

Kathy Valischeck and Kim Mazurkiewicz

Kinnelon Community Gardens Resource List

Mary Derstine

***If you would like help w/any of the above committees please contact the individuals involved already.

Decisions Made

We did decide upon the following issues:

* The Kinnelon Community Gardens are going to be ORGANIC!!!
* It can be a Public Garden/Education Center.
* Approach local business for work donations.
* Glenwild is a local GREEN garden center…
* Is this going to be just vegetables or include flowers also?

Next Kinnelon Community Gardens Meeting

Monday, August 30th, 7-8 will be the next meeting. Local community garden representatives will tell us how they got their gardens started. We will be able to ask questions. RIGHT AFTER this meeting, we will have our Kinnelon Community Garden meeting.

There were a multitude of other questions as well…..will we need insurance, how long will the plots be, should we charge, etc. For next time.


All exciting news! 

Do you want to be involved? Attend the 8/30/10 meeting or contact Galina Adair via email at:

Thanks, Galina! Congratulations, Kinnelon Community Gardens!

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