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Kinnelon Community Garden (KCG) Holds First Meeting: 8/16/10

Kinnelon Community Garden - KCG Did you attend the 4th Annual Kinnelon Conserves Earth Day Fair? If so, you may have noticed the Kinnelon Community Garden sign and petition.  I'm delighted to share with you the following message from Galina Adair about the Kinnelon Community Garden [aka KCG].

Hello everyone! This message took a long time coming.  However, here we go and let's get the ball rolling! I am very EXCITED that so many of you signed the petition to start a Kinnelon Community Garden. As many residents know, it is difficult to garden in Kinnelon - we seem to grow nothing but rocks :-), many yards do not get enough sun, the deer are a problem, etc. Basically, all of us in Kinnelon would like a Community Garden where we could gather on a sunny piece of land where we can learn how to garden, exchange ideas on gardening so that we could eventually reap the benefits of all our sweat by eating a nice juicy tomato.

I know you have questions.  I do, too.  And, although I've gotten guidance from Carol Sventy - thank you, Carol !!!!:):):) - I know that before any of these questions can be answered a Kinnelon Community Garden Committee must first be formed.

So, the purpose of this email is to announce the very first KCG (KINNELON COMMUNITY GARDEN) meeting on August 16th, 2010 at 7pm here at the Library. It is our hope that a KCG Committee can be created at this time with volunteers from this meeting. Ideally, to start things off there should be a committee of at least 3-4 people who are determined, ambitious, organized and hard working enough to see this worthwhile project through.

These are the topics to be discussed:
1. Where will the garden be?
2. Who will the committee members be?
3. Organic? Sustainability?
4. Do we need a mission statement?
5. Do we need insurance?
6. How large should each plot be?
7. How much should be charged for a single plot?
8. Publicity? Website, Garden Blog, Newspapers
9. Please feel free to make your own notes and share, the only bad idea is an idea that is not shared!

Be part of the Kinnelon Community Garden!You will not be alone; there are many who are willing to help from Kinnelon's Environmental Commission, Kinnelon’s Open Space Advisory Committee, Kinnelon's Historical Commission, L'Ecole as well as various members of the Kinnelon Library Staff and Kinnelon Conserves.  All of these resources are available, but the Kinnelon Community Garden Committee needs a few dedicated, focused people to take the lead and marshall these resources.  Remember the old adage: Many hands make for light work! - but, you need someone to direct the hands and the work.

Additionally, we would like to have a second meeting toward the end of August, probably August 30th, to be confirmed. This 2nd meeting will be a brain-storming session, during which members of other municipalities’ Community Gardens will help guide us through their trials and tribulations of how they started their own community gardens.

This is all exciting news!  Please let us know at whether you will be be attending the August 16th meeting.

Feel free to bring your friends! We need for the KCG to ‘get up, get out and get gardening'!

We look forward to seeing you and meeting you on the 16th.

Happy digging!

Galina Adair –


Thank you, Galina!

I love the idea of a Kinnelon Community Garden.  In Demarest, where we lived before Kinnelon, we had our own garden. And although we had to fight a groundhog for it, we really enjoyed growing tomatoes [surrounded by marigolds and basil which protected the tomatoes], peppers, maybe zucchini, cucumber or some beans.  I remember learning so much in High School from a pathetic radish growing experiment, that I'd love to share those marvels with my daughter. One thing is for sure: it will NOT happen in our back yard!  Too much competition from Kinnelon Critters!

Will you attend the meeting of the Kinnelon Community Garden? Please do, and let Galina know.

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