Monday, October 12, 2009

Ramstein Beer Open House - Save The Date

Greg Zaccardi and Fine Art of German Beer MakingThere was a good crowd this past Saturday October 10 for the last of the Oktoberfest (there is still some left!). Everyone enjoyed the Oktoberfestive atmosphere for the 2 hours of the always very pleasant socializing, sampling (drinking beer), and Ramstein Beer owner Greg Zaccardi's explaining the Fine Art of German Beer making, as he walked us all through the impressive brewing and fermenting equipment.

2 more Open Houses remain in calendar '09. Then there will be a 2 month hiatus, until the debut of the Maibock in March.

Set aside November 14th for the introduction of the Winter Wheat Beer, which is always well attended, and December 12 for Auld Lang Syne, or, in this case, The Year in Beer Gone By!


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