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The Best Food Deals Around Kinnelon

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PathmarkI admit it. I like almost everything about food, except all those calories.

I like eating it, of course.

I like cooking food -- I have to eat it, and I'm easily bored by the same old, same old, so I might as well make stuff I like.

I like buying food, especially at interesting food stores.

I like buying food cheaply -- the more I save the better -- and I especially like buying food where I save a LOT of money.

It has become very clear, too, that some food items can be purchased astoundingly cheaply at some stores locally in and around Kinnelon, NJ.

Mostly that means you have to buy from a warehouse club, like BJ's, or a store farther away, like Corrado's. These stores are fun to go to anyway, beyond just the saving of money; you can get stuff there you CANNOT get at local supermarkets like Stop and Shop or Pathmark.

I've made a list of some of my all time favorites in both the cheap and unique categories:

Butter @ BJ's: $1.50 per lb (excellent housebrand butter) -- $3 per lb and up elsewhere

Milk @ BJ's: $1.99 per gal for Land O'Lakes skimmed milk -- up to $4.29 elsewhere

Roasted Chicken @ BJ's: $5.00 for large Purdue Roaster -- perfectly cooked BIG chicken -- up to $7.99 elsewhere [hence Chicken Soup for a Rainy Day or Any Day]

Reggiano Parmesan cheese @ Corrado's: $12.99 top grade -- $22 elsewhere ($17 at BJ's)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil @ Corrado's: $14.99 (price can vary) for 3 liter can -- $20 at BJ's, $28 and up elsewhere

Now for Produce I do like Corrado's, but you have to be careful, because, Corrado's produce sometimes seems to be remaindered from elsewhere, so you have to check the quality and freshness closely. Also, prices vary, and you do not ALWAYS get a bargain. That said, I do get amazing bargains at Corrado's for GREAT produce:

Yellow Bell Peppers @ Corrado's: $.69 per lb -- elsewhere $3 to $4 per lb

Big Bunches of beautiful Flat Leaf Parsley and Cilantro @ Corrado's: $.79 per lb -- elsewhere wimpy little bunches for $1.50 and up.

Vidalia Onions @ Corrado's: $.79 per lb -- elsewhere $1.50 per lb and up.

Fresh Pineapple @ Corrado's: $1.50 ea -- $3 and up elsewhere.

I could list more -- they have beautiful loose Yukon Gold Potatoes for $.69 per lb so you can pick the best big ones, and not get the little bagged potatoes from S&S or Pathmark. Nice when you are peeling them.

You will not always get these prices, but whenever you do go, you will find some of them.

Last. Let me say a word about meat from Pathmark, BJ's and Corrado's. BJ's has by far the consistently best prices on Choice Black Angus beef and other meats, from Short Ribs at $2.50 per lb to Skirt Steaks at $4.99 per lb -- from Boneless Leg of Lamb at $4.99 per lb to Boston Butt Pork Shoulder at $.99 per lb. You can't beat it.

However, Pathmark has, every so often, maybe 2 or 3 or 4 weeks, a special on NY Strip Steaks or Rib Eye at $4.99 per lb, and they often have thick cut steaks or a whole Rib Eye Roast so you can cut the steaks to the thickness of your liking. They advertise it in their circular, and I'm always prepared to take advantage of it by stuffing my cart or basket.

Corrado's has an amazing selection of meat products at very good prices. Six different kinds of sausage, rabbit, aged prime beef, and more.

I would be very interested to hear what your Best Food Deals are.

Send me an email or comment on the article! I will share!


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