Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dee's Thai Falls from Grace -- Follow Up

Disappointment Saturday 10/17/09 night at Dee's Thai in Pompton Lakes -- they murdered a number of our favorites, including Duck Salad, Larb, Papaya Salad, and a few more.

We were so happy to have discovered a first class Thai restaurant close by Kinnelon, and we have had a number of very good experiences.

Now we have to say that you may have good food or you may not, and we do not know why.

I'm going to talk to Dee herself and see what's up. Chef is sick ... quit ... ?

We'll see what she says.


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Flower Car Lady said...

Oh No ! I hope its a temporary fall cause I really like that place. I was there about 2 weeks ago for lunch and had my usual Shrimp Panang curry and all was well. Please do update on what you find out.

Ted Whittemore said...

Well, here is the thing. The coconut milk curries are fine – they are not that complex – I make them myself! I love them.

But Dee’s Thai failed miserably with a number of the appetizers that required critical hands-on chef’s technique.

The Duck Salad is a finely composed arrangement of many elements – what they threw on the plate for us was some larger bits of a few of the required ingredients – that was sad, wrong and a little … insulting. There were similar problems with the other freshly made items.

We’ll give it another try sometime in the next few weeks.

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