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Morris County Hiking Trails In Daily Record

Daily Record Morris County Hiking TrailsA few weeks back, I spoke with Jillian Risberg from the Daily Record. She was writing an article about hiking in Morris County at this time of year and had questions. The resulting article, titled "Morris offers miles of scenic hiking trails, and this is an ideal time to enjoy them," was published on September 24, 2009 and includes some marvelous Morris County hiking trail references.

More specifically,

Patriots' Path, a 45.5 mile trail running from East Hanover to High Bridge in Hunterdon County

The Columbia Trail, an 8 mile hike along the former Central Railroad High Bridge Line in Washington Township

The Traction Line, a paved trail along a former trolley line from Morris Township to Madison

Did you know about the "Hike a Park a Month" that has been taking place for three years now? To learn more, I contacted Russ Nee, the trails foreman at the Morris County Park Commission [ rnee [at] morrisparks [dot] net ], who shared the following:
Hello Christine. Yes we hike year round. We have many options for hikes in Morris county -- too many to list. I have been with the program almost two years and we hike the first Saturday of every month. No restrictions you just need to able to walk safely. I hope this helps you. Thank you. Russ
That makes the next hike Saturday, November 7, and the next park Jonathan Woods in Denville's Tourne Park. Definitely check in with Russ to confirm details. CORRECTION: NEXT HIKE IS 11/14 and JONATHAN'S WOODS IS IN MOST NORTHERN AREA OF DENVILLE NEAR CEDAR LAKE.

Per the article, 30 to 40 people meet at 9am in the designated park facility or trail connection for these hikes. Sounds like great fun.

The article also discusses maintaining trails with perspective from Dave Peck of Denville who maintains the Four Birds Trail, from Hibernia to Split Rock Reservoir.

Finally, did you know that there's a place for watching Hawks? At Wildcat Ridge Hawkwatch. You can reach it from the southern portion of Four Birds Trail off of Split Rock Reservoir.

I enjoyed my conversation with Jillian, but learned even more from reading the article she wrote. Thanks, Jillian!

Which of these trails have you taken and what were the highlights?

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