Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smoke Rise Relic: Car Badge

Smoke Rise Relic: Car Badge
Kim Vawter was intrigued, after reading Meeting Friends at the Smoke Rise Inn: Herb Fisher, to learn about the Kinnelon High School reunions taking place. She promises to rummage through her "bat cave" to find photos from KHS 1968.  Meanwhile, she shares with us a photo of a Smoke Rise relic: the car badge!

As Kim writes:

"I have a really super relic for those who remember using the "badge" attached to the car to get into the East Gate. I think that the North Gate was built later.

Here is a picture of it. It was made of copper and it was enameled. I want to get it restored since there a few chips on it but after all it was attached to the chrome bumper of the cars."

I think I've seen one of these marvelous badges at L'Ecole Museum in Kinnelon.

For those of you who remember using the Smoke Rise car badge, do you still have it? Which gate do you remember using? Any other delicious details to share?

Thanks, Kim!

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