Friday, July 15, 2011

Missing Cat "Mister" Lost Off Kinnelon Road

Missing Cat
Have you seen this cat? His name is Mister and he's gone missing. We believe he's wandering through the woods around Silas Condict Park off of Kinnelon Road.

Our neighbor, Chuck, shared the news with me today.  Mister's owner, Aileen Florio, has put together the flyer pictured here which reads:


Loving family missing healthy indoor, short-haired domestic cat, part Russian Blue
One year old

Last seen: Wednesday, July 13 running into woods next to Kinnelon Veterinary Hospital, Kinnelon Road

Please call 201-910-0121
or 973-492-2124

Aileen explains that Mister escaped from the Vet’s parking lot. More specifically,

"This morning while taking our cats for their first vet check up, the crate buckled and collapsed, sending one of our cats, Mister, bolting into the woods next to Kinnelon Veterinary Hopital on Kinnelon Road. The woods are expansive and lead through Silas Condict park, to Route 23, and for many miles in various directions. We have contacted Animal Control, local shelters, and nearby residences and businesses.

Mister is a very important family member and we are desperate for help.

Please see the attached flyer with Mister's information and photo. We ask you to please spread the word to all your neighbors to be on the watch for Mister. We are offering a generous reward to anyone who returns Mister to his family."

Would you help get the word out?

Also, would you be on the lookout for Mister?

If you see him, please call Aileen.

Many thanks for your help.

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