Friday, July 8, 2011

Boonton Historical Society on Facebook,Twitter, Flickr

Boonton Historical Society on Facebook,Twitter, Flickr
For those of you curious about the history of our greater Kinnelon area, you might want to join the Boonton Historical Society's recently formed group on Facebook.

It's an open Facebook group with ~ 78 members as of July 2, 2011.

By joining the group, you'll receive notices about events taking place including historic walks around the town of Boonton.

You'll also learn about - as I did - the Boonton, NJ Flickr photo group where marvelous photos of Boonton historic sites have been posted.

Finally, you'll discover that the Boonton Historical Society is now on Twitter.

[Note: to view and join the Facebook group, you will need to have a Facebook account.]

What other local organizations have you come across that are active online and on social networks? Please let us know in the comments.

P.S.: come to my next social media presentation on Wednesday 7/13/11 at the Kinnelon Library and we'll discuss what you've found.

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