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Facebook & Social Media Wednesdays, Kinnelon Library

Facebook & Social Media Wednesdays, Kinnelon Library
The initials "FB" have taken on new meaning for Mary Beth Grybowski who recaps here the Social Media Wednesdays presentation series at the Kinnelon Library. They have evolved from Fozzie Bear to Facebook...


FB: Fozzie Bear or Facebook?

Now, it used to be that when someone said to me, “Oh I love FB!” I would reply, “Me too. He’s so funny! Fozzie Bear is my favorite Muppet character.” In fact, I have to admit, he is also my favorite comedian.

Now, thanks to Christine Whittemore’s part 3 of her Social Media series, I will be confused if someone uses the term FB. I will have to think twice and I might even need for them to clarify, “Did you mean that you love FaceBook or Fozzie Bear?

Let me backtrack just a little bit and tell you about what has happened at the Kinnelon Library on Wednesday evenings since the beginning of July.

  • Christine’s part 1 furthered my Google, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter knowledge and I learned about a site that I had never heard of:
  • In part 2, Christine discussed LinkedIn and blogging. The LinkedIn part was review for me since I have been using it since last year, after my boss and one of my employees were laid off.
  • Part 3, which just finished this week, was about Twitter and Facebook.
The attendance was quite good and most remembered to bring a laptop. I must also point out, there were many repeat customers.

During the Twitter section, Christine showed us local groups that post feeds. This included Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey and the Boonton Historical Society. She also showed us that Sesame Street has a Twitter account and I found these other two of interest: Muppet Sightings and The Garden of Vegan. I’ll be investigating all of them further.

I’m sure the reason that most people attended part 3 was to learn more about Facebook. People wanted to know how to set it up and manage its security. I had set up a Facebook account many years ago, but disabled it after a day when people I didn’t know or like wanted to ‘friend me’.

This past Wednesday, I was feeling more bold and armed with my new knowledge, I set up a Facebook account while still at the library. I tightened up all my security settings, removed my birthday and email account from visibility. I uploaded a face image, added my education and put a message that read that I was going to be strict about who I accepted as ‘friends’. While still at the library, I put out ‘friend’ requests to 3 of my 5 siblings, several cousins, my 84 year old dad and one friend.

After the event ended, I headed back home. I quickly walked my dogs, then logged into my gmail account. I could not believe it! In that short time, ALL of my siblings and a friend had ‘friended’ me back and a sister-in-law and my older niece sent me a ‘friend’ request. Before I logged out, there IT was, a request from someone who never said hello to me at work. The next day I used the ignore button on that one. I also let Michael Catalano (the horror writer) know that I am now officially on Facebook. He and my sister have been asking, “When are you going to join? You should!

Now it looks like I will be staying in this swimming pool, instead of sticking my big toe in and deciding that I wasn’t ready to jump in.

Mary Beth Grybowski

Hey Christine . . . why don’t you tell us about your FB encounter when you arrived at the Library on Wednesday evening. You know, the furry bear! This is the bearfort section of New Jersey, if you weren’t aware.

Thanks, Mary Beth! Congratulations on joining Facebook on your terms and thanks for recapping the sessions.

Since you asked, here are my furry bear pictures from last week...

Kinnelon Fuzzy Bear

Kinnelon Furry Bear


Mary Beth said...

Wow, I didn't realize that you were able to capture pictures of the furry friend. See what happens when I'm 5 minutes late for the event. Thanks again for hosting your 3 part series, Christine.

CB Whittemore said...

Yes, amazing what you can do with a digital camera!

Mary Beth, thanks for participating in the series. Your involvement was priceless and I look forward to continuing our conversations.


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