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Kinnelon High School Students Art Exhibit: May 2011

During the month of May, you have the opportunity to experience the artwork of our very talented Kinnelon High School students in an exhibit at the Kinnelon Library, sponsored by the Center for Lifelong Learning [CLL].

I had a chance to see the artwork last week between the Poetry Recitation contest and Ted's computer maintenance presentation and was impressed with the creativity and technique displayed. Luckily, I came armed with a camera and took a few photos. They don't do justice to the students' talent, but I'm hoping that they give you enough of a taste to compel to come visit the 2011 Kinnelon High School Students Art Exhibit for yourselves.

The artwork is on display in the Kinnelon Library lobby display area and in the second floor gallery through May.

When Ron Leavesley informed me that the Kinnelon High School Art Exhibit was sponsored by the CLL, I had to learn more. He immediately shared with me the following:

CB: Ron, how did the Kinnelon High School Student Art Exhibit at the Kinnelon Library get started?

RL: It all started in 2002 when I spoke with Sharon Toriello, the KHS principal at that time, about our interest in outreach programs.  The art exhibit was one of them. By the way, Sharon was very receptive to the outreach idea and a great person to deal with.

CB: When was the first exhibit?

RL: The first exhibit was in May of 2003 and it has continued ever since in May.

CB: Who organizes the KHS Students Art Exhibit?

RL:  The intersting part is that the key KHS art instructors in 2003 are still involved in the program although some of their art teaching responsibilities have changed. They are: Jackie Castro, Geoff Flash and Lynda Zak.

Jackie has become the coordinator of the KHS Students Art Exhbit. Alice Kivlon joined the group about a year or so ago. Currently Geoff is responsible for the sculpture, Jackie and Lynda the artistic creations and Alice Kivlon for working with students on their "Studio Art" (the large photos). A very talented group.

I encourage everyone in Kinnelon to come visit the KHS student art exhibit.  The quality and creativity gets better every year.

CB: Thanks, Ron! I'm not surprised that Kinnelon High School students are so artistically talented. Especially after witnessing firsthand the passion that Kiel and Stonybrook art instructors have for their students

Here are the photos I took [note: missing are photos of the ceramic pieces]. I encourage you to go see the real deal for yourselves. You won't regret it!

Kinnelon High School Students Art Exhibit: May 2011

Kinnelon High School Students Art Exhibit: May 2011

Kinnelon High School Students Art Exhibit: May 2011

Kinnelon High School Students Art Exhibit: May 2011

Kinnelon High School Students Art Exhibit: May 2011

Congratulations to the Kinnelon High School art students and art instructors!  Do visit the Kinnelon Library, you will definitely enjoy this art exhibit.

By the way, you might also enjoy this article: Kinnelon High School artists make it to the 'Super Bowl' of ceramics and Kinnelon woman revives her publishing dream since several of the art teachers above are mentioned.


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