Friday, May 20, 2011

Missing Dog: Have You Seen Mickey in Kinnelon?

Missing Dog: Have You Seen Mickey in Kinnelon?
Have you seen this dog? His name is Mickey. He has run away and may be trying to find his way back to his former home in Smoke Rise and Kinnelon.  Here is the note Ted received from his owner:

Hi Ted,

I am writing to ask you for a favor. I have a dog that went missing on 4/22. I am desperate to find him and have been in close contact with Peter. When he found out that Mickey's last home was in Smoke Rise he told me to contact you to see if you would post a picture of Mickey.

Mickey is 45 lbs., or at least was when he ran away. I live in Oak Ridge. I have a house with a doggie door that leads to the fenced in yard. My husband and I came home from work on Friday 4/22 and Mickey was gone. No sign of how he got out. But Mickey lived in Smoke Rise with the Milkowskis for quite some time and might be looking for them. He used to wander the neighborhood whenever he got out on the Milkowskis. He never ran away from my house before so I really don't know where he would go.

So if you wouldn't mind please post his picture for me and I will be eternally grateful!


Vicky Van Hentenryck

Have you seen Mickey? If you have, either leave me a comment or email Vicky directly. Please feel free to spread the word, too. Thanks for your help.

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