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2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest Results

2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest Results - Galina Adair
Per the announcement in Kinnelon's 2011 Poetry Contest: April 28 Deadline, the big day for the 2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest took place on May 3rd, 2011, when recitation and judging of poems happened.

Galina Adair, who heads up the Kinnelon Children's Library, announced that 163 written poems had been submitted and 55 students had signed up to recite their poems from memory for the 2011 contest.


As you can see from the pictures, the Children's Library was packed with kids and adults... ready that day for some serious poetry!

2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest Audience

We were ready. Emma had been practicing reciting her poem intensely for the last two weeks. She had recited it to her class that same day, to our neighbor Chuck Mougalian at the bus stop, to her teacher, Mrs. Kolster, to Mrs. Bosch, the Stonybrook librarian, and to her friends on the bus...

2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest Recitation Judges
The judges were ready, too.

As this table, you see three recitation judges: Eileen Gelenter, Anna Tiajoloff and Jason D'Alessi. Not pictured is Cathy Bissell.

What I always appreciate from this event is how the judges and Galina take every opportunity to share with us their love of poetry. This day was no exception.

Eileen brought to life 'Take me out to the ball game' and Anna, a previous winner of the poetry recitation contest, shared with us her version of 'Jellyfish Stew' by Jack Prelutsky.

Here is Anna Reciting 'Jellyfish Stew' for the Kinnelon Library Poetry Contest 2011:

The 2011 Kinnelon Poetry Recitation Contest Winners are:

2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest Poet
A Kinnelon Poet Reciting her Poem
The 2011 Kinnelon Written Poetry Contest had different judges from those judging the poetry recitation. The written poem judges included: MaryAnn O'Gorman, Diana Friedman, Marellen Liddy.

The 2011 Kinnelon Written Poem Contest Winners were:

KEVIN MCNAMARA - K-1st grade winner 


I cut through the ice
with my blades made of steel.
I go for the puck
sometimes I must steal.
I push the puck left
I push the puck right.
One shot down the middle
and off goes the light!
My team cheers and claps
and yells with delight.
We've won our game
with one shot this night.

Amelia Harriz - 2-3rd grade winner 

Four Leaf Clover

Once there was a four
leaf clover who was so very sad.
Once there was a four leaf
clover who felt so very bad.
His sadness came from a missing
leaf he went from four to three.
The petal was plucked by a
thief who then hid behind a tree.
The clover knelt and made a wish,
which was his normal habbit.
But he wasn't really lucky now and
he was eaten by a rabbit!

Luke Florio, 4th-5th grade winner 


Iditarod is a race run by dogs
From Anchorage to Nome.
With a thousand miles 'til the end,
They might turn back to go home.

With 13 dogs to pull each sled
Across the snowy trail.
They'll go quicker than the speed of light
And outrun the icy hail.

They cruise along the snow and ice
At a mighty speed
That makes the mushers glad because
The speed is what they need.

"MUSH! MUSH! MUSH!" the mushers yell
As loud as they possibly can.
They're glad the wolves aren't in the way -
They're sleeping in their den.

The winner is so proud when he
Completes the grueling race
A smile forms across his red
Chapped and frost bitten face.

Galina shared with me the following:

It was truly a magical late afternoon had by all. You could sense the participants were very eager to recite their poem to the audience and they were just as eager to receive any sorts of accolades because they KNEW THEY DID A GREAT JOB and impressed us all! I got a real charge out of it - and I am pretty sure the audience did as well.

2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest - Emma & Galina
Galina and Emma
Thank you, Galina, the 2011 Kinnelon Poetry Contest Judges, and the Kinnelon Public Library for creating such a warm, welcoming, creative environment for our marvelous Kinnelon poets.

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Gina said...

Thanks for posting a great review of the Kinnelon Poetry contest. What a great event! Just one quick correction ... the 2nd-3rd Grade winner of the written category was Amelia Harriz (commonly misspelled as Harris ;-)
Love you blog! Keep up the great work keeping us all informed of the wonderful community we live in! Gina Harriz

CB Whittemore said...

Gina, thanks so much for your comment and helping make our community so wonderful! Your daughter's poem was lovely.

And, I've made the correction.


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