Sunday, November 21, 2010

MCPC Hikes: Discover Morris County's Trails

If you haven't taken part in a MCPC [Morris County Park Commission] hike, you are missing out on one of the best local activities available for discovering Morris County's Trails. The hikes take place monthly on the first Saturday of the month, and explore the many parks and municipalities of Morris County.

I shared with you how I first discovered the program in this post from 2009 titled Morris County Hiking Trails In Daily Record. Since then, we've participated in many of the hikes, learned a lot about the area, and met fun people.

Most amazing about this program are the three MCPC people who organize each hike, map it out, prepare the trail, guide, and invite local representatives to join in and provide perspective on the creation of the trail:  Russ Nee, Tom Edmunds and Janet McMillan.

By the way, Russ Nee, MCPC Trails Foreman, quoted in the 2009 Daily Record article, is pictured here in this September 15, 2010 article titled "Patriots Path runners trail being resurfaced."

MCPC Hikes: Discover Morris County's Trails

MCPC Hikes: Details of our Discovery of Morris County's Trails

Here are the details of the MCPC hikes we've been on. These posts include trail map, photos and any historic references I'm able to find. I will add to the list as I complete posts about more recent hikes.

Let me know if you have any questions. We'd love to see you on an upcoming MCPC Hike.

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