Saturday, October 9, 2010

Smoke Rise Hiking Trails: The List!

This post about Smoke Rise Hiking Trails is inspired by Ken Bitz' recent article in the Smoke Rise Newsletter listing Fall Hiking Trails.

Based on Ken's list, I've created a master Smoke Rise Hiking Trails list which includes posts I've written detailing the specific hike, directions, photos, observations and trail map. I'll update it as hikes take place.

[Note: I intend to do the same for the Morris County Park Commission hikes and hikes in Kinnelon outside Smoke Rise.]

Please contact Ken Bitz at for questions, information, maps, and other guides relating to Smoke Rise.

Smoke Rise Hiking Trails

West Shore Trail – Approximately 1.3 miles. The trail goes along the west side of Lake Kinnelon. It is rated easy. The yellow blazed trail can be accessed across from 780 West Shore drive, or at the cul-de-sac at the end of West Shore drive

See Lake Kinnelon Hike.

Mountain Road Trail - Approximately 2 miles. This is an old woods road that has varying topography. It is rated easy. The Blue blazed trail can be accessed just after 814 West Shore Drive, or the parking area at the end of Beechwood.

See The New Pond Trail.
See Help Reopen New Pond Trail.
See New Pond Trail Re-opened.

Split Rock trail – Approximately 1 & ¾ miles. This trail is accessed 1 mile into the Mountain Road trail, and runs west to the Split Rock reservoir. It has varying topography and interesting brooks to cross, and brings you to the beautiful Split Rock reservoir.

See Split Rock Reservoir Hike.

Indian Cliffs trail – approximately 1 & ½ miles. This trail is accessed ½ mile into the Mountain trail and goes west to Indian Cliffs. An interesting ascent brings you to a beautiful overlook of Split rock reservoir. You can back track to mountain road trail or continue down a deep descent to the split rock reservoir, and return to mountain road through the split rock trail.

See Indian Cliffs Trail Hike.
See Indian Cliffs Hike - Gorgeous Bright Early Fall Day.

Hemlock Trail – Approximately ¾ mile- This short trail that is the process of being rehabilitated, is accessed at the corner of Brush Hill road and Summit Terrace South. There is a large glacial erratic at the trail entrance. Many of the Hemlocks have died but the trail is still interesting and lets us be alone with nature right in our own neighborhood.

See The Hemlock Trail in Smoke Rise.
See The Full Hemlock Trail in Smoke Rise.

Bear Mountain Trail- approximately 2 miles. This trail has been marked with pink ribbons, and will be blazed in the spring. The trail is accessed at the end of Smoke Rise road. It is a beautiful hike of moderate difficulty that gives scenic overviews of our community. Note: this trail is closed and not safe to hike from October 1 until February 1, due to hunter activity

See Kinnelon's Bear Mountain Trail  - Part I

Other Smoke Rise Hiking Trails

The Old Birch Spring Trail in Smoke Rise

Slightly longer hike:

Don't forget to read Cornie Hubner's Didja Know? story titled Trails.

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