Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smoke Rise Spirits Survive!

To answer the question that Tom Kline asks in The Smoke Rise Village Inn - Part 2, Smoke Rise Spirits have indeed survived.

Here is proof thanks to Herb O. Fisher!

Demonstrating unbelievable dedication, Herb dug deeply into his extensive private beverage stock and pulled out a full bottle of Smoke Rise Kentucky Bourbon pictured here below.

Smoke Rise Spirits Survive
[I call your attention to the Smoke Rise artwork behind the bottle.]

Smoke Rise Bourbon
As you can see, this is truly authentic Smoke Rise Spirits: Smoke Rise Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Smoke Rise Bourbon seal remains unbroken
Herb explains that, although the bottle is beginning to show signs of age and the label is 'weathering' a bit, the seal has NOT been broken.

Thank you, Herb, for answering the question whether Smoke Rise Spirits Survive and putting Tom's [and our] minds at ease!

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