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Kinnelon Community Gardens - 8/30/10 Meeting Notes

Kinnelon Community Gardens
Galina Adair shares the following notes from the 8/30/10 Kinnelon Community Gardens meeting at the Kinnelon Library [per previous post about the KCG].

I've also included details on the first Kinnelon Community Gardens group outing taking place 9/27/10 to Two Pond Farm in West Milford, NJ. See below!


We reached out to other community gardens and invited them to a panel discussion. The visiting garden representatives included:

The panel discussion was a learning curve for us. Wendy, Dennis and Joe were a wealth of knowledge – they offered so much good advice. A short synopsis of how each of the above gardens got started and how they function today:

Pequannock Community Gardens: (Joe Jorgensen)

* Their garden got started as a result of a Pequannock Municipality push to sustainability.
* Their local paper picked up on this at the town meetings.
* Many articles were written about the community gardens – free publicity.
* Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops helped a lot with the building – Eagle Scout Awards and Gold Awards (one Boy Scout not only raised money for a fence he also built it).
* If people want a raised bed they have to build it themselves on their plot
* They have dedicated plots JUST for food pantry
* Pequannock Community Gardens falls under Parks and Recreation
* Their logs were donated and cut
* It took the coordination of about 50 people to get this garden started
* Local businesses such as the Van Wergerden gardens all helped:

See Pequannock community garden flourishes during growing season

West Milford Sustainable Community Gardens: (Wendy Watson-Hallowell)

* Their garden is completely sustainable and organic
* Gardening education is very important to them
* They charge $35 a plot
* People have to be NEAT and manicured with their plot otherwise they do not get one next year.
* Their garden is located on private land (leasing it )
* 50-60 people are continuously involved
* Very active community gardens, every other month something is going on – canning, cooking lessons, farmers market
* Barrels collect their water – Wendy said ACCESS TO WATER IS VERY IMPORTANT
* Fencing is very important
* They have a website [click on section title]
* Communication is important

Denville Community Gardens: (Dennis Malony)

* Denville garden was started in 1972
* It is town land
* It was started by rogue gardeners in 1972 and has since grown considerably
* Access to water is VERY IMPORTANT – they have timed access to water
* Fence against critters is very important
* Garden neatness is very important
* The Community garden seems to take care of itself
* They have 4.5 acres, 160 plots and 125 families are members – AND there are people on the waiting list
* They charge $6.00 a year

Click on the section title for link to Denville Community Gardens' website.

See story titled Community Gardens for more on the Denville Community Gardens. Note that the article refers readers to the American Community Gardening Association for help starting a community garden.

Kinnelon Community Gardens Takeways

We came away with the following impressions/observations:

1. What is the purpose to our gardens?

2. Water control is very important.

3. Community Gardens SHOULD NOT be under any commissions.

4. Guidelines should be set-up BEFORE garden opens.

5. Kinnelon does NOT have a town center – having a garden in close proximity of the town hall and library would only enhance our sense of community.

Kinnelon Community Gardens Group Outing: Two Pond Farm Trip and Tour, West Milford, NJ

Allison Hosford has kindly invited Kinnelon Community Garden Group to a tour of her wonderful West Milford Farm. She will talk about 3 kinds of gardening and will show us many of her heirloom veggies ...eggs and chickens too.

Date: Sept.27, 2010....Monday.... (2 hour tour)

Meet at the Public Library in Kinnelon at 9:30a.m....  (if you can, carpool with a friend )

*Bring pad and pen to take notes
*Bring a camera to take photos for the Smoke Rise and Kinnelon Blog!
*Wear low heeled comfy shoes
*Bring water
*Allison will offer us seeds from her huge collection...bring a few plastic sandwich bags.

If you plan on attending, please send an email to: and include in the subject heading "2 Pond Farm".

Thank you, Galina!

I can't wait to hear about the visit to 2 Pond Farm and to see pictures.

By the way, while researching the resources I came across a mushroom picking class that Allison Hosford teaches at the end of September via Glenwild Garden Center in West Milford, NJ.

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