Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Smoke Rise Inn In Pictures: Outdoors

Care for a trip through time? Here's a visual one about the Smoke Rise Inn in the early days of Smoke Rise in Kinnelon and some of the outdoor activities that took place.  Please refer to Tom Kline's post about The Smoke Rise Village Inn - part 2 for perspective on those days and these pictures.

The Smoke Rise Inn - Outdoors
Notice where the cars are parked, in what is today the Inn courtyard.

Smoke Rise Inn - corner
I find this view fascinating. This section is now covered and corresponds to where the current Smoke Rise Inn bar area is.

Smoke Rise Inn - other corner
This view is from the opposite side of the courtyard looking at the barn building.  Notice the Adirondack chairs? Those have to be from the beach... The event taking place is most probably the same fashion show pictured in the first picture above.

Smoke Rise Inn Ladies' event
Here you have a Ladies' Event... Perhaps tea? Interesting that cars aren't parked in  the courtyard area, but rather along the road, making room for tables.  Notice the field? That's where the current day parking lot and tennis courts are.

Socializing at the Smoke Rise Inn
Socializing outdoors at the Inn.

Outside the Smoke Rise Inn
In this photo, Louise Prescott and Cappy Dixon. I love seeing the children.  What do you think is in the big bag?

Ladies of Smoke Rise
Group photo on the same steps.

Front row: ?, Morkish, Hunzinger, Hennessy, Mrs. Bruce Dixon, Wohltmann, Getty, ?, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Chandler
Back row: Tuite, Carter, Mary Sims, Serrie, Mrs. Dixon, Cappy Dixon, Alice Johnson, Willette Wight, Mrs. Chantler, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Louis

Headed to the Smoke Rise Inn
This looks to be a regular day at the Smoke Rise Inn, with cars parked quite close in.  Note the tables and umbrellas over in the background. That's where the photo of socializing outdoors was taken.

These marvelous pictures are all courtesy of Tom Kline and offer an unique perspective on the early days of the Smoke Rise Village Inn and some of the activities that took place outdoors.

I'll share with you more pictures from the Inn. Those will be of activities taking place within.


HOF said...

Great pictures Tom. My Mom was good friends with Alice Johnson and Willette Wight.....I think her name was Adilade Tuite.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The lady with the big flowery skirt is my mother, Evelyn Wohltmann. She graduated first or second in her class at Barnard, then was a chemist with Borrows Welcome for 6 years.

After she married my dad, Carl, they settled in Smoke Rise and had 6 kids--I am #2.

She was a member of the Lady's Auxiliary of the Volunteer Firemen.

If I really dig I think I have a picture of my dad and all the guys lined up near the "new" firehouse just up the street from the Village Inn.

Note the very trendy fringed umbrellas. We all had them.)

The early "pioneers" in Smoke Rise were social and friendly and a bunch of pretty sharp cookies!

Kim (Wohltmann) Vawter

CB Whittemore said...

HOF, thanks for help filling in the blanks :-)


CB Whittemore said...


Thanks for adding such marvelous 'texture' to these photos. Your mother sounds like she was amazing.

Thanks, too, for calling attention to the umbrella fringes.


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