Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ramstein Beer Open House, Tour and Tasting this Saturday, June 12

Here is reminder for this weekend’s Ramstein Beer Open House and Tour, this Saturday, June 12.

There will be one tour and tasting session at 2pm.

There will be a special treat - for the first time ever - Maibock Eisbock for samples and purchase. Also available will be the Ramstein Double Platinum Blonde, Ramstein Unfiltered Amber Lager, and Ramstein Golden Lager.

Growlers will be available in 1 Liter as well as 2 Liter.

I am very partial to the
Golden Lager, which is the best lighter lager I have ever had, and the Ramstein Unfiltered Amber is one of my all-time favorites.

And SR Fresh Hot Sauce will be there with the
Fresh Cayenne-Cherry, Habanero Gold, and XXXXTra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce. Come try them!

Also for the first time we will have a small amount of
Ripe Red Fresno-Jalapeno Hot Sauce. Sweet and Hot.

As usual, there will be a tour and explanation of the brewing process by Greg Zaccardi, the owner. [See previous post with videos for a primer.]

See you there!

Ted and Christine and Emma

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