Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anne's Hair Spa: Great Haircuts for Kinnelon, Butler & Beyond!

Meet Anne Walsh, owner and operator of Anne's Hair Spa in Butler, NJ, where she has been since 2006.  She specializes in hair color, hair cuts and hair styling and also does make-up for weddings, proms and other special occasions.  She's the best hair stylist we know!

You can find her at:

11 Main Street, Butler
Tel. number: 973-492-0020.

Her location is right before the Pequannock River Bridge in Butler.

Anne has been cutting my hair since shortly after we moved to Kinnelon in 2004; I found out about her from my friend Karen David-Chilowicz from Wayne. I convinced Ted to trust her shortly after Anne opened her doors in Butler.  We both agree that there is no point in going anywhere else for hair cuts.  Anne is the most consistent and talented hair stylist we have met. Really!

I recently caught up with Anne and asked her a few questions.  

CB:  Anne, how long have you been a hair stylist?

AW: I've been styling hair for 22 years.  I got started while I was in High School when I attended vocational/trade school.

CB:  You have pictures in Anne's Hair Spa of you with famous TV people. What's that all about?

Anne's Hair Spa, 11 Main St. Butler, NJAW: I do the hair styling for on-air TV programs such as Maury Povich, UPN9 News, Fox 5, Regis and Kelly and many others.  I've even styled Queen Latifah's hair.

CB: What is most critical about on-air TV styling?  Is it high pressure?

AW:  Oh, yes!  It's very high pressure. Time is very limited and you have a lot of people's hair to style in a very short time frame.

CB:  What do you love most about Anne's Hair Spa?

AW: I love the flexibility of the business, the new faces and the hair styles to create!

CB: In addition to haircuts, hair styling, hair color and make-up, what else does Anne's Hair Spa offer?

AW:  We host and organize young girls' birthday parties, and offer monthly specials - including $10 off after 10 services.

CB: Thank you, Anne!

Next haircut, I suggest you give Anne's Hair Spa in Butler a call!

Note: this is NOT a sponsored endorsement. We are simply great fans of Anne and her haircuts, and we'd like other people to know about her.

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