Saturday, June 5, 2010

MCPC's Randolph Township NJ Hike

Randolph Mayor wishes us well on our hikeIn March, the Morris County Park Commission [MCPC] hike-a-park-a-month hike took us through Randolph Township, NJ...

31 of us gathered at 9am on Saturday, March 6, 2010, at the Randolph Town Hall located at 502 Millbrook Avenue where we found ample parking and great facilities. We lucked out with the weather: bright blue skies and sunshine.

And crunchy snow underfoot. Hard to believe, right, now that we are in deep summer-like weather?

That snow, though, made this hike challenging for even the most experienced hikers! I'm so grateful that Emma was away on sleepover....Randolph Township MCPC hikers

Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the 5.7 mile trek and the great survival stories we've been exchanging since.

Pictured above are Randolph Township Mayor Jay Alpert and Manager John Lovell who welcomed us to the Township and wished us well on our hike.

Here is Tom Edmunds' summary of the highlights:

Randolph Township hike"Janet put some final touches on a custom route for us and we trekked through Randolph Township’s trail system adjacent to MCPC James Andrew Park and the rolling Randolph hills. After a few send-off words from Township Mayor Jay Alpert and Manager John Lovell we marched on into a surprising amount of snow right from the start. Crampons and hiking sticks/ski poles turned out to be invaluable."

Randolph Township has an extensive trail system that, as Tom explained to me, supports the town infrastructure. Students can walk or bike to schools and emergency vehicles can get through.

Notice from the photos the width of several of the trails

Randolph respite from crunchy snowHere is a link to the Randolph NJ Trails map.

I mentioned that the going for this hike was surprisingly rough. In fact, several of us compared the conditions to walking in wet sand with a heavy pack... I'm eager to experience the trail in gentler conditions, without that challenging crusty snow cover that wouldn't support our adult weight. :-)

Apart from that, the trails took us alongside lovely waterways and by several bucolic lunch spots.

Beautiful Randolph Trails!Our hike took us from Town Hall along the edge of Freedom Park, through Brundage Park, to the new Cohn Farm area and by the Highest Point in Randolph at 1130 feet. Tom offered us the opportunity to take a slight detour to reach that point of interest. We passed.

Lovely Randolph creek
Here below you see Janet McMillan sharing perspective on the hike.

Janet McMillan shares hiking wisdom

Thanks, Tom, Janet and Russ, for once again putting together a memorable hike! Here are the details on the trail we took through Randolph NJ.

Randolph Township MCPC Hike

Map your trip with EveryTrail

If you take this hike, do let me know what you think.

Happy Hiking!

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