Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wizard Of Oz Scavenger Hunt, Kinnelon Library

Kinnelon Scavenger HuntIf your child hasn't yet taken part in one of the Kinnelon Library's scavenger hunts, I strongly recommend that you not miss the next one! Why? Because your child will have fun and learn in the process! I share with you highlights from the recent Wizard Of Oz Scavenger Hunt...

To put this particular scavenger hunt into perspective, remember that the Kinnelon Library has been celebrating the anniversaries of the Wizard of Oz [book and movie]. The theme, then, had to do with the Wizard of Oz as did the storytelling/art event with Dorothy.

Emma and I took part in our first scavenger hunts last summer 2009. During the first 2, we were partners; by the time of the third, my partner was outgrowing me. The fourth, she did alone. Successfully.

This most recent scavenger hunt she did with her friend Elizabeth. They both looked as if they had had a blast. Especially since they both won second place and tickets to the Kinnelon Movie Theater.

Kinnelon's Yellow Brick RoadI asked Emma which were her favorite clues.

+ To find the lollipops and count them.

+ Go to the bookshelves and find a book on the weather

+ Where was the colorful horse [i.e, the horse of a different color]? It was in the Emerald City section aka little kids' books.

+ Whose feet were under the showcase?

+ Go to the CDs and find a favorite movie.

Some clues were embedded in the 'yellow brick road.'

I admire that the clues require that the kids figure the children's library out, that they wrestle with the Dewey Decimal System [something I wasn't exposed to until High School], that they check out the resources available online and that they use their eyes to observe what's on display in the library.

In other words, there's a lot of learning going on while the kids have fun!

Galina Adair addresses the Kinnelon Scavenger Hunters

To give you a feel for how engaging this celebration of the Wizard of Oz is in the Children's Library, imagine encountering these props and scenes as you walk in through the doors.

Enter through the Kinnelon Library and step onto the Yellow Brick Road
I will miss the Yellow Brick Road!

Kinnelon Tornadoes
Beware the Tornado!

Wicked Witch Feet in Kinnelon
Yes, those are witch's feet - minus the ruby slippers. Dorothy got those.

Let me know what you think of the scavenger hunts. And, if you haven't yet taken part in one, do so and then let me know!

Happy scavenging!

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