Friday, March 5, 2010

February's Fosterfield Hike: MCPC Hike a Park a Month

Gliding along the Fosterfields hikeTomorrow we're off to hike Randolph, NJ. Only fair to share with you details from our February Fosterfields hike, right?

As Tom Edmunds from MCPC reports, fourteen showed up for the Fosterfields hike, and four used snowshoes for a portion of the route - including Emma who did pretty well for a first time snow-shoer. For the record, it did tire her out. It also prepared her for the snowshoeing lessons that the second graders had this week at school!

We started out at the back end of Fosterfield and covered approx. 4.3 miles in 2 hours.

Tom explains: "this was our first hike in the Municipal Trail series as we traversed a short section of the new Spence-Doremus trail in Morris Township between Washington Valley Rd and Schoolhouse Lane."

Many thanks to Trails Foreman Russ Nee who followed us in the SUV to collect snow shoes and rescue a tuckered out Emma!

Fosterfields to Patriots Path

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What I enjoyed about this hike: experiencing Patriot's Path, realizing that Fosterfield's Farm leads to unexpected trails and a very satisfying hiking loop, and connecting to municipal trails.

Thank you, Russ, Janet and Tom. I can't wait for our Randolph adventure!

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