Saturday, March 27, 2010

Didja Know? The Smoke Rise Club

Didja Know?This [very] short article about the Smoke Rise Club comes from Cornie Hubner's Didja Know??? Series. Dated July 1985, it is one of his very first in the series as I discovered last summer when I spent an afternoon locating Cornie's articles in the Smoke Rise Newsletter archives.

My hypothesis with this story is that Cornie hadn't yet fully developed his 'voice' or subject matter. Do you agree?

I intend to date each of Cornie Hubner's stories to provide us with additional perspective. I can imagine that, as he became more involved with his role as Smoke Rise Storyteller, his tales generated more conversation and interaction with readers which in turn led to greater enthusiasm and embellishment on his part. This hadn't yet happened with The Club and a few other first stories.

Getting back to my project of dating the Didja Know? series... during that summer 2009 afternoon, I came across so many delicious stories about life in Smoke Rise & Kinnelon in just one volume of newsletters that I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped - although they will all definitely lead to future blogposts relating directly or indirectly to Cornie's.

Nonetheless, I got started and intend to return to the archives soon. I welcome partners in crime!

The Club

Published 7/15/85

Prior to 1955 the Board of Governors was known as the "Bitch and Gripe Group." It derived its name from the almost weekly encounters with the SR Co. [Smoke Rise Company] to clarify regulations and operations and to establish responsibilities and authority.

During this time the SR Club represented the 10 resident members, by the 6 appointed group. It became an elective body in '52 when 75 residents voted.

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