Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tripod Rock Hike, Pyramid Mountain, NJ

Tripod Rock Hike trackWhat a great turnout for last week's Tripod Rock Hike in Pyramid Mountain Park! We had approximately 25 hikers [not including two dogs], perfect and unseasonably warm weather and enough trail options that half of the group opted to take another route back to the Visitor's Center.

This was my first visit to Tripod Rock and it truly is a remarkable erratic.

As you can see from the photo, the kids loved hanging out in the cave like space.

Kids under Tripod RockIn terms of the hike itself, we had a vigorous climb early on, to relatively flat and easy terrain, to a steep descent. Given the many slippery leaves, on particularly steep areas, I opted to slide down on my rear rather than try to walk down.

Roundtrip, we covered 2.6 miles in two hours.

I was impressed with how many others were hiking Pyramid Mountain Park that day. I shouldn't have given the gorgeous day, but it dis seem as if we were constantly passing people.

Here is our hike trail map with lots of photos. By the way, Everytrail has improved the trail information that you can glean. You'll notice when you mouse over the graphic a bar at the bottom of the image where you can click to see the elevation profile for the hike.

Warning: I appended too many photos to the trail file. You may want to [x] out of the slideshow....

Tripod Rock Trail

Map your trip with EveryTrail

For those who took alternative routes, which did you take and what did you like most about your choice.

Thank you, Ken Bitz, for organizing us!

Note: the post announcing the Tripod Rock Hike includes several links about Pyramid Mountain Park and Tripod Rock.

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Dr R.M. de Jonge said...

(Morris County, New Jersey, c.1900 BC)

Dr. R.M. de Jonge ©,

The Tripod Rock site at Montville Township, New Jersey, consists of a man-made dolmen with a huge capstone, two big Marker Stones indicating Sunset at midsummer day, and a menhir (upright stone). It clearly is a site constructed by the megalith buil-ders of Europe when America was a colony of Egypt (2500-1200 BC). The monu-ment tells the story of the Egyptian discovery of America during the Fourth and Fifth Dynasties of the Old Kingdom. The site is dated to the Twelfth Dynasty, c.1900 BC.

De Jonge, R.M., Website:

CB Whittemore said...

Dr. de Jonge,

Many thanks for sharing these details about Tripod Rock. It's hard to imagine America as colony of Egypt, but also marvelous to consider that our history might date back to such times.


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