Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kinnelon Information Alerts: Textcaster, Twitter, Nixle

Kinnelon Information AlertsHave you received emails from the Kinnelon Office of Emergency Management [OEM] with information on how to stay abreast of breaking news relevant to Kinnelon, NJ residents? Three digital computer-based tools are now available - Textcaster, Nixle and Twitter - and we are encouraged to sign up.


I mentioned textcaster to you back in May 2009 in Kinnelon's Summer & Fall Recreation Programs, Text Caster, Too. Did you sign up for it?

Here is what Kinnelon OEM writes:

"To our Neighbors, Help us help keep all Kinnelon residents in the know with email and text alerts about important events, road closures, mid to large scale incidents, health alerts and more by telling your friends and neighbors to sign up for Kinnelon Information Alerts via Textcaster.

We have established a one stop website to make the process quick and easy: While they are there they can sign up for school alerts and Recreation dept alerts as well!

Thanks for being a part of our team! We encourage you to forward this email to others in Kinnelon."

The latest email message stated:

"We are slowly but surely spreading the word in Kinnelon about staying connected electronically. To that end, we appreciate everyone passing along the importance of signing up for this email/ textcaster list. The Fire Dept, Police Dept and the Office of Emergency Management will continue to use textcaster in cooperation with the Kinnelon Board of Ed but at the same time are experimenting with other effective ways to communicate with the residents."

" is a secure text/ email/ web based system that will allow you to set up notification preferences, receive alerts based on location, and visit your personal site for alerts and updates on community events as well as emergencies. We encourage you to sign up for the Nixle service.

If you or someone you know is involved in a local organization such as a church or club, please let them know about It's a free service to community organizations."


"Lastly, we have established a twitter account for Kinnelon OEM and may expand it to other borough uses. Follow us at"

I found the textcaster system particularly valuable for obtaining accurate and relevant information about H1N1 vaccinations. Updates go to your email - or your cell as text message if you choose.

I have signed up for all three of these digital services and encourage you to do the same. The first two services are easy to interact with and take very little time to register for.

To follow Kinnelon OEM on Twitter, you will need to set up a Twitter account. If you need guidance on that, let me know. I have written several blogposts on Simple Marketing Blog that might be helpful.

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