Sunday, November 15, 2009

Butler's NYSC and Sunday Family Swim

Noodles in the Butler NYSC poolDid you know that Butler's New York Sports Club [NYSC] offers members a really smart and practical benefit? Free family swim on Sundays from 4:30 to 6:30pm.

My daughter and I try to take advantage of it every week.

I consider it smart because Sunday afternoons has to be the least trafficked time and day for the gym; if it weren't for family swim, I wouldn't head in. And, not having to pay extra [as some other gyms require] increases the value that I associate with my NYSC membership fee.

It's also a time when my daughter has excess energy to burn, and I've run out of both steam and ideas... So we head off to the pool and both look forward to it.

NYSC has tons of noodles, kick boards, diving rings and assorted other water toys on hand. For kids who need them, life jackets are available. It's a perfect solution.

And, I don't necessarily have to go swimming myself -- although I get major daughter-bonus points when I do...

Having fun at the Butler NYSC pool
New pool rules require a swim cap. I haven't seen the rule strictly enforced. We have several from Girls Scout Camp, so it isn't an onerous requirement. I believe you can purchase one at the NYSC front desk.

During family swim, 2-3 lanes are available for lap swim. The section closest to the stairs tends to attract playful and youthful swimmers.

Water temperature is, in my daughter's words, "medium perfect" which means that it takes me a while to get adjusted and then I need to make sure I'm moving. But, I'm just an adult...

If you haven't already and decide to check out Sunday family swim at the Butler NYSC, perhaps we'll see you there!

And, if you don't, what Sunday afternoon activities do you find most satisfying?

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